Sweet Box Packaging

Who doesn’t love a good sweet? Everyone has a sweet tooth and indulge once in a while to satisfy their sweet cravings.

However if not stored properly (mainly during transportation), sweet items can get exposed to oxygen and in the process they get spoilt. Sweet foods are generally kept without the help of anti-oxidants and when they come in contact with oxygen, they loss their special taste and flavour.

Just like sweets, candies and confectioneries are also equally affected by high oxygen levels in their packaging. The main selling point of candies and confectioneries is that they are fresh (both in taste and look) and if that factor is missing, then sales will obviously be lesser.

So to make sure that sweets do not get spoilt due the oxygen present in the headspace of packages, all one needs to do is place oxygen absorber sachets alongside the sweet items. Oxygen absorbers are capable of taking in all the oxygen present in the packages and so the sweets retain their original flavour, colours, and most importantly, taste, when they reach their final destination. The presence of oxygen absorber always maintains the oxygen levels in the packed spaces at the optimum levels.