Sweet Box Packaging

Everybody has a sweet corner for the sweets, not just occupying a place in one’s refrigerator but also a place in the hearts of those who are ruled by their cravings for sweets.

But, what if the sweets you bought very recently go bad a day after? Well, that doesn’t feel good and it hasn’t got anything to do with the kind of ingredients used in the particular sweet. But everything to do with how it was preserved in the shop and how you preserve it at home, it makes all the difference.

Oxygen is the major cause for the deterioration of food or its contents that are sensitive towards it. Its presence further leads to the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew in the food and it causes further degradation of the product. Hence, the use of oxygen absorbers in sweet box packaging become an important step that one should take in the direction of protecting the food against spoilage which can occur easily in the presence of oxygen. Use of oxygen absorbers packets can save many industries from incurring huge economic losses.

Moisture absorbing packets work for the moisture available inside the packaged food and the trapped air during packaging. In the presence of oxygen, iron contained in the oxygen absorbers gets oxidized and turns to rust. Through this process of oxidation all available oxygen is removed. This change in the oxygen content creates a higher concentration of nitrogen, which is better for enhancing the shelf life of the packaged food item.

Oxygen absorbers for packaging of sweet boxes are tiny little packets that help in removing the oxygen present inside the sweet boxes that somehow get trapped inside and leads to deterioration of the sweets if not dealt with on time. Using oxygen absorber sachets would absorb the oxygen trapped in the headspace of the packages of sweet boxes. These tiny packets are capable of absorbing the trapped oxygen to a huge extent and maintain the oxygen level inside the packaging at 0.01% or less.

It has been found in the study that when sweets boxes are packaged with oxygen absorbers packaged inside a packaging material that acts like a barrier; help in maintaining the aroma, taste and nutritional value substantially longer than the other packaging materials.

Sorbead India manufactures oxygen absorbers sachets customized to the needs of a particular industry, be it for the packaging of different types of food or for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, each has a need that differs from the other and therefore, needs to be addressed differently.