Oxygen Absorber Use As Life Extender For Food Storage

Oxygen is described as the third most abundant element in the whole universe, whereas oxygen is also needed for our survival. We know it is very hard to survive without oxygen, but oxygen is the biggest enemy if we talk about food. Oxygen is claimed to reduce the longevity of packed foods and many other items that may be stored with excess oxygen.

Oxygen also supports the growth of microorganisms and causes extreme changes in the odour, taste, colour and structure of the packed food products. Here the oxygen absorber takes the stand by safely handling the enclosed packages, decreasing the oxygen level and ensuring an extended shelf-life. However, shelf-life is a key element in the food packaging process to ensure that the freshness and safety of the food are maintained when it reaches the consumer.

An oxygen absorber is primarily designed to prolong the food's shelf-life and prevent changes in the food's colour, taste and odour. It even prevents the packed food from becoming rancid and the growth of aerobic microorganisms such as fungi. An oxygen absorber comprises powered irons, which work to eliminate oxygen within a confined environment. Therefore, an oxygen absorber absorbs the excess oxygen and effectively reduces the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen.

Sorbchem India's oxygen absorber- "OxySorb" for food storage, preserves the freshness, flavour and structure by eliminating oxygen from the packed products. Our OxySorb absorbs 98% of oxygen from the product keeping its entire nutritive value intake, and it can be used in vacuum-sealed and manual-sealed packaging.

Oxygen Absorbers Offers a Variety of Sizes


Available Sizes

  • 20cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 50cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 100cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 200cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 300cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 500cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 1500cc Oxygen Absorber
  • 3000cc Oxygen Absorber

How to Use OxySorb Sachets ?

How to use oxygen absorber packets, process to use an oxygen absorber.

Oxygen Absorber Features

Some useful features of an Oxygen Absorber.

Oxygen Absorber helps Increases Shelf Life

Increases Shelf Life

Oxygen absorbers are used to Prevent Insect Growth

Prevents Insect Growth

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Prolonged Freshnes

oxygen absorbers for Prolonged Freshness

USFDA Approved

Nitrogen flushing a method used for preserving and protecting the food products from getting spoiled during shipping and storge.

No Need of Nitrogen Flushing

when you have oxygen absorbers you don't have to use other preservatives

No Preservatives Needed

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