Oxygen Absorbers | OxySorb-Food Packaging Protector

Sorbead India is the global manufacturer of “Oxygen Absorbers” that offers the perfect solution to all packaging issues against the growth of oxygen, moisture, the proliferation of bacteria and spoilage, mold, and mildew.

Oxygen absorbers are added to any enclosed packaging to remove or decrease oxygen levels in the package. Our oxygen Absorber absorbs 98% of oxygen from the product keeping its entire nutritive value intake.

Our food-grade oxygen absorber can be used in vacuum-sealed packaging as well as manual sealed packaging. During the flexible or vacuum packaging process, packets or containers are perfect mouth-feel and closed adequately to solve the oxygen-free environment from the package.

How to Use OxySorb Sachets ?

How to use Oxygen Absorbers for food storage. After opening the sealed container of oxygen absorbers, you'll want to use them as soon as possible. Oxygen absorbers come in various size 100cc, 200cc & 1000 or more.
Oxygen Absorbers