Oxygen Absorber


Since the pharmaceutical and food industries are some of the most important industries in our country, Sorbead India provides bulk oxygen absorbers in strips and packages for moisture and oxygen control problems. We have collaboration with Desiccare Inc. product Oxygen Absorbers in different sizes of packages for carton packaging and we issue the oxygen absorbers for food storage and pharmaceutical packaging. We have been providing these desiccants for a very long time and are known as one of the most prominent companies in the industry of food and pharmaceuticals.


Food Grade Oxygen Absorber


Oxygen Absorber for packaging



The Oxygen absorber is actually used in order to remove oxygen from a particular environment which is sealed and it contains a nitrogen-filled atmosphere in order to ensure the long term storage of food. These absorbers help in protecting dry foods from different issues such as insect damage and ensure their preserving and quality. Oxygen absorbers are basically used in dry food packaging in sealed containers. With the help of proper packages from Sorbead, the oxygen content in the packaging can be reduced significantly. Our absorbers are helpful in bringing out the oxygen level down in the best way for sure. Oxygen absorbers for food storage are a really helpful way of making sure that the packaged food remains safe and unharmed. For those who need to buy oxygen absorbers, Sorbead is the place to find help.


Pharma Grade Oxygen Absorber


The pharmaceuticals are very commonly transported from one location to another one. That would mean these pharmaceutical products are the ones which need confinement and they need to be sealed in closed spaces for a long period of time until they are able to reach the final destination. These Pharma products are packaged into certain containers and then shipped together to the destinations. However, this sealing and packaging of the containers can lead to different problems which as high moisture content and ‘container    rains’. Also, the levels of oxygen in such containers can rise as well. These problems have the potential to affect the products which are packed and that too in a negative way. The physical moisture which gets trapped in the containers can bring certain chemical as well as some physical changes in the products too. Thus, these products will be rendered as useless when they are unpacked finally.

However, the products known as oxygen absorbers 300cc can be useful in such a process. Most industries would buy oxygen absorbers in order to make sure that the moisture content and the oxygen level are in control and reduced significantly. For people who question where to buy oxygen absorbers locally, Sorbed provides oxygen absorbers near them.


Sizes of Oxygen Absorbers


It is important for people to know about the size of the oxygen absorbers in order to find out how to exactly use them. There are many different sizes of oxygen absorbers available in Sorbead, and all of these sizes are useful to the food and pharmaceutical companies for the protection of their products. The variable sizes which are available with Sorbead are 20cc Oxygen Absorbers, 50cc Oxygen Absorbers, 100cc Oxygen Absorbers, 200cc Oxygen Absorbers, 500cc Oxygen Absorbers, 1000cc Oxygen Absorbers, 2000cc Oxygen Absorber, 3000cc Oxygen Absorber It is important to know what size oxygen absorbers to use in order to make use of them in the best way.

All of these sizes have their very own functions in the protections and long-lasting properties of the packaging and hence they are very popular amongst the clients and the customers as well. The entire production team at Sorbead help in the development of custom bulk oxygen absorbers using the blending of chelated carbon and Zeolite which is then packaged in Tyvel papers, polyethylene, and polyester packaging stuff. These papers are approved by the USFDA and hence are non-toxic packets and safe to use for pharmaceutical capsules and food packets.


How To Use Oxygen Absorbers ?


The oxygen absorbers help in the prevention of moisture, oxygen, corrosion inhibitors, spoilage, and also extends the shelf life as well.

When it comes to using oxygen absorbers, there are certain steps that need to be followed. Here are some of these steps.

  • First of all, the preparation of the containers is very important. They need to be clean and fresh.
  • The next step would be to prepare the food.
  • You also need to set a mason jar aside for the oxygen absorbers. Use one packet of oxygen absorber for the container and put the rest in the mason jar.
  • The next thing would be to use a packet of oxygen absorbers and sealing them. You need to check if the oxygen absorbers need re-sealing or not.
  • After that, you need to seal the container with the food items and the oxygen absorbers. So, these are some important steps in order to know how to use oxygen absorbers in the best way.


About Sorbead


We are BSI quality Management system – ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has been providing oxygen absorber packets for the industries which serve the purposes of reducing moisture levels and oxygen content from containers. We provide the products according to the requirements of the customers and we also have the fastest delivery system to make the delivery in 48 hours.