Oxygen Absorber helps Increases Shelf Life

Increases Shelf

Oxygen absorbers are used to Prevent Insect Growth

Prevents Insect

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oxygen absorbers for Prolonged Freshness


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No Need of Nitrogen

when you have oxygen absorbers you don't have to use other preservatives

No Preservatives

Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage

with oxysorb without oxysorb

Oxygen Scavenger as Safeguard in All Types of Food Packaging

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Avoid using too sharp edges to open the box so that the master bag is not damaged. Spread the needed quantity on a tray for 15 to 20 minutes before packing it in your food box. Be careful not to expose more sachets than you need. Reseal the remaining sachets in the pouch after pressing out the air. The required sachets should be packed within 30 minutes in the food box.

This depends upon the shelf life of the food product along which OxySorb (oxygen absorber) will be packed.

Yes, according to the expected shelf life of the customer. We suggest the appropriate size of the oxygen absorber so that only one pouch is used in a single packet.

The number of oxygen absorbers you need depends on the food you are storing, on the container size, and even on the size of the absorbers. Available sizes 20cc, 50cc, 100cc, 200cc, 500cc, 1500cc, 3000cc. Different sizes are used in different ways of packaging.

When there are oxygen-related issues in the food as taste change, colour change or any microorganism growth like fungus, bacteria and insects, oxygen absorbers are used. Whereas, when there are moisture related issues in the food like sogginess, silica gel pouches are used. For an example, in Makhanas for tast-change oxygen absorbers are used and for the sogginess silica gel sachets are used and when there are both these issues we use oxygen absorber as well as silica gel sachet.

The oxygen absorbers are completely safe to use with food products, because they are environment-friendly, non-toxic and can be disposed of as a normal waste (ROHS certified). It never reacts with the food products, rather saves them from spoilage.

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