Oxygen Absorbers for Dehydrated Food

Fruits and veggies are often found in a bad state. Sometimes, they are soggy, mold, and have developed mildew. The products' health is also imperfect when we experience a change in taste, odour and colour of the eatables. It can also be toxic due to bad health. Why does it happen? It usually happens due to improper packaging, excess oxygen, and even using a low-grade cardboard box or paper packaging. Even insects can make their place in the presence of high levels of oxygen content in the containers. Oxygen absorbers for dehydrated food are the best solution to all these problems. It keeps the cereals and pulses safe and secure, preventing them from insects and rancidity. It even extends the shelf life of the product by three times.

The packaging of dehydrated fruits and vegetables is the most sensitive one. Veggies and fruits can get spoiled if kept open for a long time, and they need to be preserved to maintain the product's freshness and quality. An oxygen absorber would be a safer option for dehydrated food, easier to use, and non-toxic. OxySorb is designed to absorb oxygen more than twice as much as is stated. Oxygen absorbers for dehydrated food do not harm the fruits and vegetables and don't lead to toxication. A major benefit is that it eliminates the use of vacuum packaging and nitrogen flushing, as our OxySorb removes 99.9% oxygen from the product and keeps them fresh for a longer period. They are not reusable, however, can be partially used. It is important to store the rest of the content of the sachet in an air-tight container for future usage.

oxygen absorbers for dehydrated food - oxygen absorbers for vegetable dehydrated food in india.

Oxygen Absorber used in following Packaging :

Pallet bins with oxygen absorbers can prevent rancidity from the stored products.

Pallet Bins

Substantial wooden pallet bins of milled lumber or plywood are primarily used to move products from the field or the dock to the packing house. Utilizing an oxygen absorber can be more helpful in keeping the containers oxygen-free, which will also prevent rancidity.

oxygen absorber in wire-bound crates improves product's health.

Wire-Bound Crates

Although many alternatives are available, wooden wire-bound crates are used broadly for snap beans, sweet corn, and other commodities that require hydro cooling. But when we talk about freshness as a priority, we should use oxygen absorbers which keep the product healthy and increase the shelf-life up to three times.

wooden crates maintain the freshness of the food products

Wooden Crates, Hampers, and Lugs

Wooden crates are broadly used for apples, stone fruit, and potatoes and have been almost totally replaced by other types of containers. Using an oxygen absorber can maintain the freshness and health of the product. It will keep the food safe from exposure to the gases and the water content in the hampers and the crates. As it is non-toxic, it will keep the product safe.

Other Applications

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