Almost worldwide, meat and seafood are being consumed as it provides an essential source of protein, vitamins & minerals. This is essential for biological functions. It’s precious for those who are looking to maintain a diet. There are many seafood and meat options, such as white meat, fish, pork, shrimps, chicken, oyster, etc. It has an abundance of fatty acids and omega 3, which helps humans fight several diseases. Moreover, everything has some Pros and Cons, and here the con is – it’s a highly perishable product; therefore, the shelf life is shorter. Some of the traditional techniques of processing dried meat or seafood are salting, drying, and pickling.

Besides this, there’s a greater need to store with the sachet of oxygen absorbers to retain the quality of food & by increasing the shelf life than the traditional methods of keeping via oxygen absorbers. Additionally, it does an optimal job in the cessation of bacteria or growth of fungi & micro-organisms as the smallest leak can even lead to food which is useless & thus, leads to waste of money & can be unfit to eat. Maintaining quality seafood & meat is dependent on how to preserve your food, and microbiota growth is determined by the amount of oxygen present in food. Consequently, the lack of oxygen will lead to the domination of bacteria. Therefore, the oxygen absorbers are generally stapled product in the food industry due to following ways:

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  • Stabilizes the microbiology and enzymatic activity
  • It removes the oxygen from the void space
  • It prevents the air or moisture from passing by
  • The fatty acids of seafood or meat doesn’t undergo any change when oxygen sorbs are kept along with it
  • It removes pathogenic bacteria suppression
  • Significantly improves the quality of the fats without giving rise to rancidity.
  • Hampers the origination of spoilage organisms & pathogenic bacteria
  • Diminishes the need for extra preservatives
  • Environment friendly, which can be recycled again.
  • It avoids the meat or seafood to get de-color as it tends to change the color due to its perishable nature.

Are you afraid if it is dangerous to use? Look no back! It is a small packet that includes iron powder. Since they are made up of a material that doesn’t permit iron to leak out, it’s pretty much safe to use; place it on top of the product as they are already packed. A common mistake that generally people make: As the Oxygen Absorbers start working immediately, the process of absorbing oxygen also commences, and hence the little bit amount of oxygen absorbers gets wasted. So, after placing the food in the container, one should use it to protect & preserve your food for a longer time. They are entirely your companion if you think of storing your food for a longer-term than the usual ones.

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