Organic products are too sensitive when we consider mold, freshness, and taste. If they are out in the open, it might lead to rancidity, loss of aroma, and change in flavor. Organic food packaging should be sealed and packed efficiently because if the products are not packed and sealed correctly, it decreases the products' shelf-life. Oxygen absorbers can take precautions for all the products. Oxygen absorbers eliminate the oxygen content and the other gases; water content presents unnecessarily in the container. There are several types of packaging, which are applied commonly to a variety of organic products.

  • Wood Packaging: This packaging style is old-school, traditional packaging. It is used to keep the products out from the light and the air, which helps the product be preserved for a longer time. If oxygen absorbers are used with this kind of packaging, it can extend the shelf-life by three times and provide extra protection from rancid and mold.
  • Paper Packaging: It is the standard packaging style for smaller packages. Paper packaging is used for bigger packets with products standing on edge as well.
  • Plastic and Steel Packaging: They are classified together because it provides a preservative kind of protection when we use plastic or steel packaging.

Now the question is, how oxygen absorbers will help you with these organic food types of packaging? Oxygen absorbers are reliable and save cost. It helps to keep the product fresh and keep the quality of the food product subtle. Oxygen scavenger eliminates all the moisture from the container or a packet, increasing the shelf-life. Usage of oxygen absorbers also keeps the product fresh for a longer time.

A sachet or a pack of oxygen scavengers would not harm the food or the product. It would not turn the food item toxic that makes it safe for food. Oxygen absorber can replace the vacuuming and nitrogen flushing process that saves the cost, and makes the whole process of packaging efficient and cost-effective. Using scavenger is not only to maintain the freshness and the aroma of the food products.

Oxygen Absorbers