Oxygen Absorber Sachet for Fox Nut Storage

Makhana packaging is usually done with pouches and packets. They do not have as many types of packaging as pouches, and packet packaging is the vital type used. It needs a dry and safe environment as it may lead to mold and changes in its taste. This product packaging requires more attention to the packaging process as it may lead to a loss in flavour and a loss in taste.

Makhana must be kept in a dry place and packaged. It is necessary to be sure that there is no oxygen present with the content and even in the packaging because it may lead to mold and rancidity. So, what can be done? What is the solution to all these problems and barriers? The answer is oxygen absorbers. The fox nuts or makhanas can be stored using oxygen absorbers because they can prevent mold and rancidity in them. Oxygen absorbers for fox nuts storage are better and safer than other preservatives.

oxygen absorbers for fox nuts storage - oxygen absorber sachet for makhana.

How it is Useful for Makhana Packaging?

moisture results towards worst problems in gralic powder

Moisture Content

Makhana may pick up moisture from the air resulting in sogginess and rancidity. Pick-up of oxygen and other gases results in loss of crispness in the Makhana, but the oxygen absorber helps remove the moisture content in the package.

powdered spices loss their flavour immediately after getting oxidized

Loss of Aroma

The oxygen absorber helps maintain the aroma of the product. It keeps the product fresh and preserves. It can maintain freshness up to three times more.

Oxygen Absorber helps Increases Shelf Life

Increases Shelf Life

Oxygen absorber boosts the shelf life up to three times from its original shelf-life. Putting Makhana in a container and keeping an oxygen absorber helps to increase its consumable time and life.

oxygen absorbers for eliminating rancidity from foods


When Makhana is kept open or has improper packaging, it may lead to loss of crispness and may develop rancid due to direct contact with air. But a sachet of oxygen absorber can help in preventing this barrier. A sachet can also be put in the container as it is not toxic and safe for food.

Other Applications

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