Well, cooking is not a task to complete but should be elevated with proper spices, herbs, and seasonings. Almost every house consumes spices or herbs, which adds flavors to your dish and has some health benefits. If it serves as health benefits, why not store it properly with great care? Here are several ways to keep it:

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It’s commonly used to store spice & herbs with a tight sealed vacuum jar and lid.

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Zipper bag

The second method is to keep it in pouches such spices like cloves, cardamon, black pepper, etc.

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Cloth bags

Cloth bags have been used since the early age, and many people still follow the same.

Before diving into how the oxygen absorbers are helpful:

  • Avoids the rancidity of spices by keeping them fresh 365 days.
  • Stops the mold development, letting you consume proper spices
  • Avoids your spices or herbs from getting clumpy
  • Sucks up all the oxygen, which leads to an expansion in its shelf life
  • It will be fit for consumption
  • It keeps the nutrient value intact
  • To preserve the flavor of your herbs & seasoning Are you worried if it will get contaminated with spices or not? No, It’s safe to use oxygen absorbers packets since it’s sealed and doesn’t spill out.

It works as simple and as fast as you think. Want to know how it works? Oxygen Absorbers primary compound is ferrous iron oxide & it starts with the combination getting activated and traps the moisture from the environment. Finally commences to absorb the residual oxygen from the spaces & leaves only nitrogen in your spices, herbs & seasoning, which doesn’t have any effects.

Oxygen Absorbers