Oxygen Absorbers for Seasonal Spices

Have you ever thought that even spices and herbs can get spoiled due to excess oxygen stored in the containers? No, right, so from now you start thinking about storing your spices and herbs correctly so they don’t change their flavour and colour. People ask the most questions: “do spices also get bad or spoiled?” The answer is yes; they get spoiled if kept unsealed or if not packed with proper preservatives. Therefore, besides preservatives, there are oxygen absorbers that prevent the spoiling of spices and herbs, and their flavour is also intact. Oxygen absorbers for seasonal spices are the best choice for you if you are dealing with insects, bad odour and changes in colour problems. It is even essential for prolonging the spice’s shelf-life.

It has been observed that the unopened packs, in their original packaging, start getting bad within one year, and herbs get bad within two years. However, another reason can be when the packs are opened, the spices and herbs begin to lose their flavour immediately. The flavour of spices and herbs is held in their natural oils. Now, these natural oils are very volatile and can break down quickly. Hence, they can lose their flavour if exposed to oxygen or heat. They still may be safe to eat but will not have much flavour contained. Therefore, the oxygen absorber for seasonal spices is more responsible for storing them. However, it has been researched that many spices are high in antioxidants, which naturally kill microbes.

What we need to do to preserve our spices and herbs for long time? Here are several ways to keep it:

air tight containers for oxygen-free storage of spices, herbs & seasonings.


It’s commonly used to store spice & herbs with a tight sealed vacuum jar and lid.

Zipper bags best for storing seasonal spices for long time.

Zipper bag

The second method is to keep it in pouches such spices like cloves, cardamon, black pepper, etc.

Cloth bags the oldest spices & herbs storing method.

Cloth bags

Cloth bags have been used since the early age, and many people still follow the same.

oxygen absorbers for seasonal spices - oxygen absorbers Packets uses for spices & herbs.

The Benefits of Oxygen Absorbers for all Spices

  • Avoids the rancidity of spices by keeping them fresh 365 days.
  • Stops the mold development, letting you consume proper spices.
  • Avoids your spices or herbs from getting clumpy.
  • Sucks up all the oxygen, which leads to an expansion in its shelf life.
  • It will be fit for consumption.
  • It keeps the nutrient value intact.
  • To preserve the flavour of your herbs & seasonings.
Oxygen Absorbers used in spices packets for prevention against molding

These were some of the best ways for preservation. There is another better of storing spices and herbs with oxygen absorbers. Oxygen absorbers for seasonal spices and herbs prevent colour, odour, and flavour changes. The absorber is even appreciated for extending the shelf-life of the food product.

Oxygen absorber packets uses for spices and herbs are the composition of iron powder, bentonite clay and salt. These are the common elements suitable and safe for any food storage. The packaging of the oxygen absorbers is sealed properly so that the inside composition of the absorber doesn’t react with the food products.

Other Applications

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