Oxygen Absorbers in Flour, Rice & Pulses Packaging

Pulses and cereals are a healthy necessity in every diet and are added to various meals. Packaging of the product must be done with high-quality and reliable materials as it can keep these edible items' colour, texture, aroma, taste, and nutrition values for a long time. They must be kept dry to maintain their freshness and aroma. Water content is always present in the container, resulting in insect growth, rancidity, loss in aroma, change in taste, and change in other product attributes. So, what can help? What can we use which puts an end to the rotten cycle, reduced nutrition, and lower quality?

Air-tight or vacuum containers can help the product's maintenance when we are concerned about freshness for a longer time. An oxygen absorber or OxySorb comes into the picture. Oxygen absorbers for long-term flour storage can also boost the products' health.

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Oxygen absorbers in flour help to preserve the products up to three times more than their actual shelf-life. When oxygen absorbers for rice, it keeps the aroma, colour, and other properties like a fresh product. The oxygen absorbers for flour storage long term eliminate the water content and keep the product from contacting other gases. Not to miss out, it also keeps the pulses and grains nourished.

To maintain the quality of the products, which come in captivating rolls and pouches and can be customised in various sizes and volumes as per the requirement? The packaging material is laminated to protect the items from water vapour and aroma loss and retain their properties in their original state. When the products are packed, the next step in the packaging requires vacuuming or nitrogen flushing, eliminating gases and other unnecessary content in the package. Pulses and grains are used for daily consumption. Oxygen absorbers can also be used daily, extending the usage time and freshness of pulses and grains. Keeping the sachet on top of it won't give any harm to pulses and grains.

How OxySorb Helps in Flour, Pulses & Grains?

After Reviewing the Packaging Of The Products And The Usage Of Oxygen Absorbers With The Products, We Concluded That Oxygen Absorber Help In Few Aspects As Follows:

Oxygen Absorber helps Increases Shelf Life

Shelf-Life Gain

Oxygen absorbers pulses storage packaging in India for maintaining the product's shelf-life extends up to three times from their original life span. Therefore, Oxysorb eliminates the oxygen and unnecessary gas content in the container and the food product. It checks the freshness that gives extended life to the pulses and grains.

oxygen absorbers for eliminating rancidity from foods

Rancidity Elimination

Oxygen absorbers do not just prevent rancidity; they eliminate it as the sachet of oxygen absorbers soaks the gases and water content in the container and the product. As the rancidity banishes, the product's quality, aroma, and flavour remain the same.

Oxygen absorbers are used to Prevent Insect Growth

Prevent Insect-Growth

When pulses and grains are kept in a place, we should always check if the place is completely dry. When water content exists in the container, it might lead to fungus and insect growth. When we use oxygen absorbers, it helps to prevent the pulses and grains from fungus and insect growth.

your food secured completely with oxygen absorber

Food Safe

Using an oxygen absorber will never harm the food product because it is non-toxic and food-safe. We can also use the oxygen absorber sachet by just keeping on top of the food product.

Other Applications

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