Oxygen Absorber for Snacks Packaging

Indeed, you can't resist yourself when you're at the toll of shopping malls and you see any packets. Certainly, there is no place where it is hard to see shops that don't sell namkeens. It's something you can eat all day whether you are watching web series, working, or just idle, and it becomes more important to store when your neighbour or relatives come to see you often. What's better than serving them fresh snacks? As we know, there is a massive amount of oil content in namkeen, which is why it tends to become rancid over time. Furthermore, rancidity not only destroys the product but also makes the product unhealthy for consumption.

Packaging is essential in expanding the shelf-life as it protects the snacks from moisture, heat, rainfall, etc. Therefore, it becomes very preeminent to pack snacks very carefully. Because not only the deterioration of a product takes place but also the quality and freshness degrade. If a slight mistake occurs, the snack might run out of benefits.

oxygen absorber for snacks packing - oxygen absorber for snacks and namkeen packaging

That's Why It's Useful To Place A Sachet Of Oxygen Absorbers, Which Has The Following Benefits:

Oxygen absorbers are used to Prevent Insect Growth


It prevents the entrance of unwanted bacteria & pathogens hence, stops the snacks from being rancid.

excess oxygen content reduces the shelf-life of the food

Oxygen content

The Oxygen Absorbers reduce the oxygen content in the package down to 0.10%.

moisture results towards worst problems in gralic powder


It maintains the quality of snacks and, thus, keeps them fresh all year long.

Oxygen Absorber helps Increases Shelf Life

Life Expectancy

With organisms and oxygen being kicked out, there's a massive change in the shelf-life of snacks, i.e., lengthened.

Oxygen Absorbers used in namkeen packets to maintain the cripiness, prevent insects and taste

How can you use this? For an oxygen absorber for snack packing, all you need to do is buy from Sorbead India. You can check various products according to your type and size. Later, you can use it inside your namkeen to enjoy the perquisites of oxygen absorbers. There's no chance the oxygen absorber for snacks and namkeen packaging is contaminated with the product as it is sealed from starting and doesn't leak.

Other Applications

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