Oxygen Absorber the Perfect Solution for Mehndi & Hair Dye Packaging

Mehndi & dying has always been such a popular beauty product since antiquity. Since it's natural, it has no side effects and has several benefits, such as strengthening and smoothening your hair, nourishing your scalp, conditioning your hair & prevents dandruff. Each time you apply, it gives fabulous and unique hair colour coverage. Then why not store it for a more extended period to reap the benefits of hair dye? It's a big task to keep it correctly because it is used repeatedly by people across the country, so there is a chance of excess oxygen being trapped when the packet is opened.

As a result, the product is destroyed & with each application, the colour coverage might be spoilt. There's no end to it; we can solve this by introducing oxygen absorber packets for hair dye packaging in your product. Before diving into the benefits of oxygen absorbers, let's look at what it is. The oxygen absorber comprises iron powder submerged in an inert sorbent with a permeable membrane that only allows oxygen to move out.

oxygen absorber packets for Hair Dye Packaging - oxygen absorber packets for henna Mehndi Leaves.
Oxygen Absorbers used in dye packets for long time storage

What Magic Oxygen Absorber Does?

  • Oxygen absorber packets for hair dye packaging preserve the dying colour and mehndi leaves for a long span.
  • The oxygen absorber packets for henna mehndi leaves will prevent unwanted bacteria and fungi, which will be safe for the dye and mehndi leaves.
  • The colour coverage of mehndi and stain remains the same and has no volatile effect after placing the OxySorb.
  • It defends the product from going rancid as the oxidation process commences.
  • The growth of microbial has been stopped with the help of oxygen absorbers.

Are you pondering about how many sachets will help to reap the benefits of it? How to place without worrying about contamination with food? At Sorbchem India, we allow you to customize the OxySorb according to your product type and quantity. Here, the oxygen absorbers are already sealed; therefore, the oxygen absorber packets for henna mehndi leaves get contaminated by the dye or mehndi leaves.

Other Applications

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