Nuts like almond, cashew, pistachios & walnuts. are consumed by people all over the world irrespective of age group. They are copious in vitamins, minerals, fibre & protein. Furthermore, it can cure certain chronic diseases and minimize the risk of high blood pressure. Since nuts are a great source of oil, it promptly gets rancid & serves the home ground for pathogens or unwanted organisms, which will affect the shelf life of nuts. Now there arises the need for storing them in proper ways.

You might have seen a white coloured small sachet in the store but never knew what exactly it was or how to put it into use. Don't worry, we have got you covered. The next time you visit the supermarket to shop for nuts, pickup that white coloured sachet & you will see wonders but keep an eye till the end.

  • Mason jars: It is commonly used to preserve food, especially nuts, due to vacuum seal properties. However, on testing the quality of nuts or checking how it looks, the lid traps unwanted bacteria, increasing the risk of damaging the nuts' shelf life. But while testing the quality, if you grab an oxygen absorber & put it inside & the risk reduces upto 99.9% percentage.
  • Re-usable pouches: With the opening and closing of zipping, oxygen starts entering & reducing the content of natural vitamins and nutrients in it. By adding an Oxygen Absorbers sachet, the natural nutrients & vitamins remain intact.
  • Dispenser: It is a type of container which has a tap shaped space for all the temptations of munching nuts you have. By just opening the tap, you are all set. When you open the tap, the oxygen gets leaked & Oxygen Absorbers help you by converting the oxygen into nitrogen, thus keeping the natural nutrients intact.
  • Airtight plastic container: Mostly, this type of container is used to store nuts. They are very sturdy, durable, and much tighter.When you introduce the oxygen absorber, it prevents the food and absorbs the moisture and air. It is kept sealed & away from edible food without having a second thought about the food getting contaminated.

Alright, these were the ways how you could store your nuts without worrying about rancid or deterioration. Now, how the oxygen absorber works

  • It keeps vitamin E, Vitamin A & fats away from oxidation.
  • Helps in retaining the content of Minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, and much more.
  • Oxysorb will act as an agent in reducing the oxygen level & transferring the necessary amount of nitrate to keep it fresh for a more extended period.
  • While travelling, there is a risk of trapping unwanted organisms & here the Oxygen Absorbers will prevent its growth.
Oxygen Absorbers