Dried mango powder is also known as "Amchur" powder in the typical Indian language. It is a type of spice powder made up of raw and unripe mangoes with a pre-dominating flavoring agent, which helps get the sour or tangy flavor in dishes like soup, curries, vegetable dishes, etc. It is even used to marinate fish, pickles, or meat. It has believed that when you don't have a lemon, then this dried mango powder works and gives you company till the end until you lick your fingers and empty the dishes.

Let's not wait for the preservation of such unique products. Read through! People's typical problem is that the nutrients and texture of the product become deteriorated or spoiled after some time. As a result, there occur many economic losses, and that's why to save you, we advise the use of oxygen absorbers in your food to protect you against various things, and the central issue is about shelf- life. The Oxysorb helps you to extend your product shelf life by 3x times than before.

Moreover, the Oxysorb helps you keep the nutrients of dry mango powder intact even more than the "used by" date on the package. The lumps we see when it's humidity or rainfall in the area how badly it spoils the product. However, with the use of oxygen absorbers, you can now totally rely on it without worrying about lumps. The reason is oxygen level is reduced down to 0.10%. Oxygen absorbers help maintain the quality of the product & stop the development of mold and unwanted bacteria.

It also removes the moisture level gain when the product was being stored or preserved in various places. There are different ways in which you can keep this powder. For example, Standing pouches, paper bags, aluminum foil bags, air sealed containers, etc., the oxysorbs work in all types of containers. It starts working by heating up and then absorbing the oxygen level inside the corners and void spaces. It is then converted into nitrogen content, which is suitable for any product to stay longer! With every minute detail we have shared with you, we hope your search ends here.

Oxygen Absorbers