One of the secrets of happy living is eating candy! However, there is always hardship in maintaining the shelf-life of confectionery items, be it cake or candy as they are oxygen-sensitive it gets easily trapped by bacteria and fungi. Confectionary items are perishable. Therefore, the packaging of confectioneries should be quintessential.

The priority should be given to the taste and aroma as we know. It tends to go rancid & colorless. Then why not keep oxygen absorbers.

What are oxygen absorbers?

Oxygen absorbers are primarily designed to extend the shelf life of a product, prevent the growth of bacteria, control mold development, eliminate the change of color, keep the aroma intact, cease the oil in food, and protect from going rancid.

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There are various types of packaging involved, such as :

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Gusseted bags.

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Hot sealers.

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Mason jars.

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Two pieces deluxe box.

How is it beneficial for candy?

Well, there are different sorts of candies with various types of packaging pertaining to it. It becomes challenging to get the oxygen content out even if it is packed in a plastic bag or container. That’s where the oxygen sorbs start working – it traps the moisture from every corner of the package or void space & reduces the oxygen content effectively down to 0.10℅ through an oxidation process replacing it with nitrogen, which is favorable for the candy. By the time it reduces the oxygen content and creates a prudent environment, it is evident that the passageway of fungi and bacteria is being eliminated, and they won’t be able to grow due to the aerobic environment created by O2 sorbs. With this, the oxygen absorbers even stop the mold development and keep the product fresh. It keeps the taste of it intact for a long stretch. It also prevents the confectionery items from going rancid. Here, the bonus point is you don’t have to rib your pocket for myriad preservatives because oxygen absorber does that all.

Sorbead India is the supplier of oxygen absorber packets in Tyvek Paper packaging material which is USFDA approved. We also offer packets in bulk as well as in roll foam.

Oxygen Absorbers