Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
31 Oct, 2023

Numerous Applications of Organic, Safe, Non-Toxic Oxygen Absorber Packets

Oxygen absorber packets are widely used because they are a safe, effective, and affordable way to extend the shelf life of food and other products. These organic, safe, non-toxic oxygen absorber packets, can be used to safeguard the contents of various food and pharmaceutical packaging by absorbing the excess moisture and humidity that may cause mold, spoilage, discoloration, and the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mildew in the contents if not properly maintained.

Oxygen absorbers are commonly used in the food and storage industry to extend the shelf life of products such as jerky, dried fruits, nuts, and baked goods. They are also used in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries to protect products from moisture and oxygen damage.

Various applications of organic, safe, non-toxic oxygen absorber packets

Oxygen absorbers are well known for use in so many applications across various industries, because they can effectively create a clean and dry environment for the packaging of varied products. They provide protection from many environmental elements too like heat, dust, moisture, light, moisture, etc. Here are a few useful yet important applications for the use of organic, safe, and non-toxic oxygen absorber packets.

Oxygen absorbers for dry fruit packaging

Though dry fruits are a nutritious and delicious snack, they are prone to damage and spoilage due to heavy exposure to oxygen, moisture, and other environmental elements. By removing oxygen from the packaging, or storage area, oxygen absorber packages can help to prevent the growth of rancid, moldy, and other spoilage-causing organisms.

To use the Oxygen absorber packets for dry fruit packaging, you can simply place a packet within the package of dry fruits before sealing the packet in an airtight manner. The size of an Oxygen absorption package will vary depending on the package size and the type of dried fruit being packaged.

Oxygen absorbers for coffee and tea packaging

Oxygen absorber packets are a great way to extend the shelf life of coffee and tea, as both these products are susceptible to oxidation, which can cause them to lose their flavor, texture, taste, and aroma. Oxygen absorber packets remove oxygen from the packaging, which helps to prevent oxidation and keep coffee and tea fresh for longer. These packets are safe to use with food, are biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Oxygen absorbers for dry seafood and meat products

Meat products and seafood have a tendency to go rancid much more quickly and easily when compared to the other food products. Oxygen absorber packets have the potential to largely prolong the shelf life of dry seafood and meat products by up to three times. They can aid in the preservation of the flavor and nutritional value of dried seafood and meats by delaying the process of oxidation and the growth of mold and bacteria.

Oxygen absorbers for spices, herbs, and seasoning

Oxygen absorber packets when used strategically, can help to extend the shelf life of spices, herbs, and seasonings by preserving the flavor, aroma, and color of spices, herbs, and seasonings by preventing oxidation. They can help maintain a dry and clean environment, which is essential in the case of herbs and spices, which need an ideal amount of dryness in the environment to keep their potency, texture, flavor, color, smell, and taste.

Oxygen absorbers for flour, pulses, and grains

Flour, pulses, and grains are all susceptible to spoilage, especially when exposed to oxygen, moisture, and pests, during longer durations of packaging, storage, and transportation. Oxygen absorber packets remove oxygen from the packaging, which helps to prevent spoilage, kill pests, and preserve the flavor, aroma, and nutritional value of flour, pulses, and grains. The packets are safe to use with food and are non-toxic in nature, so they can be used to store in food items like pulses, flour, and grains. 

Oxygen absorbers for organic food packaging

Organic food is often more susceptible to spoilage than non-organic food because it does not contain any contaminants or synthetic preservatives in them. Oxygen absorber packets remove oxygen from the packaging, which helps to prevent spoilage and preserve the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of organic food, as they help provide a dry environment, and help remove any contaminants, dust, moisture, humidity, and heat.

Oxygen absorbers for bakery and baked products packaging

When you are storing bakery or baked products, you should make sure the environment is dry and clean, and void of any moisture, vapor, and humidity, as it can immediately affect the baked goods, leading to losing their texture, crunch factor, freshness, flavor, and taste. It is important to protect the baked goods from any damage due to these external elements, by using oxygen absorbers for packaging of these delicious items.

Oxygen absorbers for snacks and savory product packaging

Since, Oxygen absorber packets are easy to use and can be placed in a variety of packaging materials, such as bags, boxes, and jars, this makes it ideal for packaging different snacks and savory products in food and storage, to retain their taste, texture, smell, and crispness. Since snacks are usually fast food varieties, they should be taken care of in terms of retaining their potency through their shelf life, and thus using oxygen absorbers can help maintain a suitable environment during storage and transportation for these delicious snack items.

Oxygen absorbers for candies and confectionery items packaging

Since candies and confectionery items need to be kept in their best shape and texture for longer periods of time, you need to make sure that there is no presence of moisture, water, or vapor in the surrounding environment, as this may cause the candy and confectionary items to deteriorate and lose their hardness, or develop the growth of microorganisms. Thus oxygen absorber uses can be of advantage here, to make sure the candies, chocolates, and confectioneries stay fresh longer.

Oxygen absorbers for pasta and noodles packaging

Some food items like dried pasta and noodles, need to be protected from the ill effects of moisture, as any exposure to moist environments can lead to spoilage and dampening of the pasta or noodles texture. This is why oxygen absorbers should be used in their packaging to help retain their efficiency and quality throughout their shelf life. 

Since Oxygen absorbers are organic, safe, and non-toxic in nature, they can be easily used across various industries and applications to keep the contents safe, fresh, dry, and potent for very long periods of time, in effective shape, and make them last through their shelf life for the storage of food

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