Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
12 Aug, 2022

Which Food Products Should be Stored With Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen absorbers are a great way to store dry foods and grains over a long period.

What Is An Oxygen Absorber?

An oxygen absorber contains Iron powder, Bentonite clay, and salt within a sealed packet. The seal of these absorbers acts as an oxygen barrier to reduce oxygen and moisture content. The benefit of an oxygen-free environment is that it prevents the growth of insects and their eggs or larvae. This method gives the advantage of not freezing the foods before repackage. It is powerful because it reduces Oxygen to 0.01 %. It ensures there is no chance of food destruction at all.

How does The Oxygen Absorber work?

The oxygen molecules of the absorber interact with the iron particles, and naturally, the iron begins to rust. The next step is to add sodium to the pack, which acts as a catalyst to oxidise the iron even in a low environment of low humidity.

Can You Use Oxygen Absorbers In Following Food and Containers?

Flour- You can use an oxygen absorber to store the bleached white flour. Just remember that the whole white wheat flour will only sustain for twelve months.

Sugar- No, you should not use an oxygen absorber to store white granular sugar. What happens is the sugar will turn into a hard brick. Not only white sugar but do not use this for brown sugar because it has much more Oxygen to be completely absorbed by the oxygen absorber.

Rice-Yes, one can go for an Oxygen absorber to store rice. With the help of this method, you can store the white rice for up to thirty years. You can also use the oxygen absorber for brown rice.

Not only the major food sources but you can also store Sweets, Namkeen, dry fruits, and many other packed foods with the help of an oxygen absorber.

Mason or Glass Jars- You can use oxygen absorbers in mason jars or glass jars for up to ten to fifteen years. It will provide a great oxygen barrier to your food.

Plastic Containers- It is not advisable to use an oxygen absorber for the plastic containers. Plastic allows Oxygen to enter the container and react with the foodstuff even if it is sealed. You might be unable to detect it because it is a very slow process.

Can You Reuse Oxygen Absorber?

Oxygen Absorber should not be reused. Once the packet is exposed to Oxygen, the iron in the package will turn into rust. This is because it will reach its capacity and will no longer be able to reduce Oxygen.

What Are The Foods I Shouldn’t Store With Oxygen Absorbers?

Foodstuffs with a high moisture content or a high amount of fats should be avoided from storing with Oxygen Absorber. The logic behind this process is that it creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth and other infiltration.

How Long Does Reaction Take To Work?

When the absorber is exposed to the Oxygen in the environment, the chemicals begin and get warm as it expands to reduce the Oxygen within a few hours completely.

Is It Alright To Refrigerate Oxygen Absorbers?

There is not any necessity to refrigerate the oxygen absorber. Besides, it has its danger that the frozen environment will destroy its property and might not work effectively.

Can Oxygen Absorbers Kill Bugs and Insects?

It is a common assumption that all packed dry foods or grains are safe, but the truth is most of them have a minute presence that you have no idea about. All the dry foods that are stored for a long period like white rice, and oats have a high chance of the presence of bug eggs in them. This is the reason it is important to repack food while planning for storing long term. Oxygen absorbers can prevent bugs and insects from entering or populating, but they cannot kill or eliminate them. It is safe to use once you are sure of the container.

Why Does It Turn Hard?

Yes, the oxygen absorbers become hard once they reach their capacity. At that stage, it won't be able to remove any oxygen or moisture content from the environment. This time you should consider replacing them.

The oxygen absorbers are environmentally friendly, and non-toxic hence, they can be easily disposable. It is ROHS certified and trusted by our thousands of customers.

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