Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
08 Sep, 2023

Learn All Do's and Don’ts While Using Oxysorb - Oxygen Absorber

When you are dealing with food, food containers, etc., moisture and dealing with oxygen levels can be a task in itself to tackle. Thus oxygen absorbers can come to the rescue and help absorb any moisture/extra oxygen in the packaging. If these levels are not managed, the food product may be spoilt and lose its structure.

But to understand how to use them in your packaging and understand all do's and don’ts while using Oxysorb - Oxygen absorber we shall continue reading this post. We will also learn how this product can really help protect various products and packaging from the harm caused by excessive oxygen.

What To Do When Using Oxysorb/Oxygen Absorbers?

When it comes to knowing what you can do when you are using an oxygen absorber, you should be well-informed before you begin use. So, let us first understand these points that you need to keep in mind when using Oxysorb in your packing needs.

Selecting the right and suitable absorber type

The components of an oxygen absorber sachet can greatly vary, depending on what it is being used for. Thus it is essential to choose the right one for your packaging needs. The best suitable absorber type can make all the difference and make sure there are no moisture or water vapor-related problems during shipping.

There are many different types of oxygen absorbers available but their base components are activated carbon, iron powder, sodium, etc. So, make sure you choose the right, suitable oxygen absorber like Oxysorb.

Gauging absorber capacity needed as per container volume

You need to gauge the amount of absorber/Oxysorb needed to keep your contaminants safe during transit and make sure that they retain their freshness, and structure and are free from any harm. Thus the right amount of oxygen packets Size needs to be used for that particular container volume so that there are no mishaps.  If you choose to use a very small amount, then the changing moisture levels may not maintained by oxygen absorbers.

Using air-tight containers for food packaging

Usually, air-tight food packaging can help keep food items fresh and edible for much longer, as compared to regular plastic packaging. And, when you use oxygen absorbers for food along with an air-tight container environment, you are making sure that there is no excess moisture or any re-entry of oxygen inside the packaging. It will help improve its shelf-life dramatically and retain its freshness.

Use mainly for dry foods only

Oxygen absorbers work best when used to protect dry food items such as dehydrated fruits, pasta, pulses, grains, etc. These food items already have less to nil moisture content in them, thus can retain their form and structure well during transit with the help of oxygen packets. Oxysorb can help reduce the oxygen content in the container, and help prevent mold growth, oxidation, and other forms of decay in the containment

Store Oxysorb in a cool, dry space when not in use

Since Oxysorb is an oxygen absorber, it is best stored in a cool, dry space, free from any moisture or exposure to external elements when not in use. If these unused oxygen packets are exposed to moisture prematurely, they can compromise their effectiveness when it is time to actually use them.

What Not To Do When Using Oxysorb/Oxygen Absorbers?

Now that we know what we need to keep in mind when using Oxysorb, you should also be aware of the don’ts of using Oxysorb/oxygen absorber packets. Do make sure you follow these pointers too as they are essential to know when using how they can help avoid any limitations when in use.

Don't reuse absorbers

This is one of the most important pointers to remember. You should not attempt to reus'e Oxysorb sachets. Oxysorb oxygen absorbers are designed to be effective for a single use only. Once these sachets come into contact with air/oxygen, they immediately serve their purpose and thus cannot be reused. They can also pose safety issues later on, particularly, for small children/pets, and may lead to some serious health complications in humans.

Not for use in liquids or wet food items

Oxygen absorber packets work best in dry foods only and should be completely avoided in wet/damp or liquid food items. Since one of the main components of oxygen absorbers is iron powder, it may react or get absorbed in the liquid food item and cause harmful reactions. Oxysorb may also end up oxidizing prematurely upon contact with moisture and clump up inside packaging.

Don't mix absorbers with desiccants

Though these two serve complementing purposes in protecting packaging, it is advised not to mix oxygen absorbers for food together in the same container. There may be some unavoidable and unprecedented chemical reactions, and as a result, this may turn harmful. Sometimes, this may also lead to the fact that the effects of oxygen absorbers will be neutralized, meaning, they won’t be as effective in their absorbing powers and capabilities.

Don’t overload the containers and leave room for airflow

It is essential to make sure not to overcrowd the food containers and use them to the maximum potential, as there needs to be a stipulated amount of airflow in the containers. This airflow is necessary for ideal transportation and retaining the effectiveness of the food items in transit. Proper air circulation is also essential for the oxygen absorber packets to function optimally in maintaining the correct levels of oxygen in the containers.

Dont use in poorly packaged items

When you use Oxysorb in poorly packaged food items, they cannot perform effectively in maintaining proper oxygen levels in the packets. There will be a change in moisture levels as well as oxygen levels and thus the level of effectiveness of these oxygen absorbers can fall drastically. Make sure the container is filled with items with proper, sealed packaging only to avoid these negative side effects.

Making sure you are adhering to these do's and don’ts while using Oxysorb - Oxygen absorber, can help you make use of it effectively and reap all the oxygen absorber packets uses and benefits to the fullest.


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