Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
09 Oct, 2023

Know All about OxySorb-Oxygen Absorber

If you're looking for a way to keep your food fresh, an oxygen absorber might be a good option that can help you preserve the food's color, freshness, smell, and nutrition. Basically, it's a small packet that has iron powder in it and can help deoxidize the contents of the packaging efficiently when compared to various traditional methods and applications like vacuum and gas replacement packaging options.

When iron powder comes into contact with oxygen, it starts to rust. This rust is caused by oxidation, which releases heat that pushes out the oxygen from the packet. You can use an OxySorb oxygen absorber to keep food and medical packaging fresh, but you can also use it to control moisture and stop corrosion, where usually the oxygen concentration is close to 0.1%.

The free-oxygen absorption capabilities of the OxySorb o2 absorber oxygen help keep food last longer in its best taste, flavor, and fragrance. It's also great for use in so many other industries and applications such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, and cosmetics, as it is widely used to keep mold and microorganisms away from your clothes, bedding, and cosmetics.

Benefits and applications of using OxySorb-oxygen absorbers

By removing oxygen from food and medical packaging, OxySorb oxygen absorbers can extend food shelf life by several months, or even longer, as they prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms, that may be responsible for spoilage in food products and other packaged ingredients.

It is a type of chemical oxygen absorber that can be used to help preserve and the oxidation process of oils and fats that may lead to spoilage or a decrease in their quality and efficiency. Since the oxygen absorbers for food type is made of high quality food grade desiccant material, it can efficiently absorb any oxygen content in the packaging and storage facility.

It is food-safe and easy to use, as it can also help delay or avoid the browning effect in fruits, vegetables, and other fresh ingredients. It is also used widely to help prevent the oxidation process of different minerals, and essential vitamins such as A, C, and E.

These OxySorb oxygen absorber packets are great for a variety of uses, like coffee, tea, cocoa, dried fruits and veggies, processed meats, spices, seasonings, herbs, art, metal, rice, grains, pasta, seed, pet food, and nuts. They're used in such a variety of applications and uses as they are completely safe and effective.

OxySorb oxygen absorber packets uses contain activated iron powder, activated carbon, and other ingredients, that are mainly responsible for absorbing the excess oxygen. It has no negative effect on food, medical, and food products and thus claims to be safe for use and various applications.

They can be used in applications where there is direct contact with food and ingredients. It is non-reactive and non-toxic in nature, thus can be used inside the food packaging effectively without worrying about any harm or damage to the food or the consumer. It follows and passes all the safety rules and regulations of many different food safety standards like the FDA, making it food safe. 

This high value added product can provide longer shelf life for food products and other chemical and pharmaceutical products by keeping them away from ill effects caused by moisture or oxygen.  

Once the OxySorb oxygen absorber packets are added to the food packaging and sealed in an airtight clear film or branded packaging, it can retain the freshness and efficiency of the food product for a very long time.

When using an OxySorb oxygen absorber, you also need to keep in mind the water activity levels in the food packaging as the amount of moisture present in the packaging can affect the freshness and may lead to the growth of mold and bacteria in the food packaging.

With the micro particle size of the OxySorb o2 absorber oxygen, it is possible to easily regulate and absorb any amount of excess oxygen that may be present in the packaging, and to prevent and reduce the amount of rancidity in products that have high oil content. To store excess packets of OxySorb oxygen absorber, you can keep them in a cool, dry place away from moisture, heat, and light.

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