Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
19 Dec, 2023

How To Store Rice To Prevent Bugs With Oxygen Absorbers Long-Term?

When it comes to preserving, storing, and packaging grains, cereals, and seeds, it is important to make sure that they are cared for, and kept in a dry, moisture and heat-free environment. To ensure that the grains such as rice stay at their best quality and efficiency.

So, to understand how to store rice to prevent bugs and other damaging conditions, you need to make sure of a few things like storing them at optimum environmental conditions, and keeping them away from moisture, heat, and excess oxygen, as these factors may cause deterioration in the quality of rice when packaged, stored or transported for longer periods of time.

Since rice is a staple food for many parts of the country and the world, it is considered an affordable, and versatile food item in numerous varied cuisines. However, maintaining its long shelf-life can be difficult. If not stored properly, rice grains may get infested by bugs, spoilage due to changing environmental conditions, and loss of taste and nutrients during long-term storage due to excess moisture and oxygen levels. 

Factors that can affect rice storage long term

The main factors that affect the quality, long life, and durability of rice storage are moisture, temperature, oxygen, and storage time. The higher the moisture content, the higher the risk of mold or spoilage. That’s why it’s important to keep your rice cool, dry, and stored in airtight containers, with low humidity, moisture, oxygen, temperature, and light settings.

- Excess or changes in moisture and humidity levels are some of the biggest damaging, unfavourable, and detrimental factors when storing rice, as the presence of excess moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew, and creates a breeding ground for bugs and insects. To prevent these problems, it’s important to maintain a low humidity in your storage space for rice.

- If you are storing rice grains in weather conditions with fluctuating temperatures, it is highly likely to damage and spoilage quickly. High temperatures can cause the rice to age faster, while low temperatures can cause moisture to condense. For long-term storage, a cool, stable temperature is usually the best option.

- The containers you choose to store rice in also make a big difference to preserve the quality and freshness of the rice grains for long-term storage. Airtight containers prevent insects from entering and absorbing moisture. Use containers made from food-grade materials, such as mylar bags, metal cans, or glass jars to store rice properly for longer periods of time.

- Using oxygen absorbers along with airtight packaging can also help preserve the quality and freshness of these grains during long durations of packaging, storage, and transportation. Since oxygen is essential for the survival of most insects, bugs, and microorganisms that degrade rice, using Oxygen absorbers can effectively remove oxygen from the storage environment, significantly extending the shelf life of rice and rice products.

Different rice varieties have varying levels of resistance to bugs, pests, and spoilage conditions. The longer rice grain types like Basmati rice or Jasmine rice varieties generally can withstand and preserve during long-term storage and use when compared to the short-grain rice varieties, as they have a lower moisture content and are less capable of spoilage.

Using oxygen absorbers to store rice to prevent bugs

If you use Oxysorb oxygen absorbers for storing rice long term, they can be an effective solution to preventing the occurrence of bugs, mold, pests, and spoilage due to other environmental changes. Oxygen absorbers can absorb excess oxygen and moisture from the surrounding air and environment, making an optimum environment needed for rice to stay potent, and retain its flavor, texture, structure, and freshness for longer periods of time than it is stored.

Usually, rice is stored for more than a year before usage, and thus it is important to make sure that it is edible and safe for use even after such a long period of time effectively. This is possible by using oxygen absorbers while storing and transporting rice grains in large quantities. 

When storing rice in large quantities, you should choose the right container for storage, such as food-safe, and food-grade plastics, glass jars, cans, or Mylar® bags to store them in a cool dry place efficiently. These containers should be tightly sealed to prevent oxygen from entering after the absorbers are placed so that they can work effectively in preserving optimum conditions inside the packaging.

You also need to use the right amount of oxygen absorbers, when packaging rice. The amount of oxygen absorbers to use depends on the size and number of containers you are using to store the rice grains, and you can follow the recommended usage guidelines based on the size and number of containers given by the manufacturer.

You also need to choose the amount of Oxysorb needed to store rice to prevent bugs according to the variety of rice that you are storing, like long grain or short grain varieties. When rice is essentially dry and has a very low moisture content, it can be effectively stored for longer durations, as compared to newly cleaned and husked rice grains.

Avoid storing rice in places where the packaging is in direct contact with sunlight, water, vapour, and moisture/humidity. You can label the storage containers with the date of storage, the type or variety of rice you are storing, and the quantity as this can help provide you with information during usage.

You need to perform regular checks, keep access, and use your stored rice to ensure it's fresh, and make sure to use it within the year. You also need to check to see if the oxygen absorbers are working properly, and are efficient in absorbing excess oxygen and moisture from the storage space for the rice. You need to check the stored rice periodically for any signs of spoilage, bug infestation, changes in texture, or unusual odors.

Make sure to buy and source your oxygen absorber packets from a trusted and established manufacturer so that they can help protect and store rice to prevent bugs for longer durations

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