Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
30 Oct, 2023

Top Tips to Choosing the Right Oxygen Absorbers for Candy and Confectionery Packaging

If you want your candies and confectioneries to stay fresh and healthy, you need to make sure they're packed properly. A lot of things can affect the quality of candies and candy, like moisture, humidity, dust, contamination, vapor, light, oxygen, and microorganisms. Efficient and proper candies and confectionery packaging will help safeguard the contents of the packaging from these elements, thus ensuring that they reach the consumer in optimal condition with preserved flavor, freshness, and taste.

Oxygen is one of the most significant components of packaging, as it can cause discoloration of the contents of the packaging, and loss of flavor, efficiency,  and texture in candies and other confectionery products. To prevent these reactions or damage, oxygen absorbers should be used in the packaging of candy in packages and confectionery.

Oxygen absorbers are small packets/pouches of iron powder that react with oxygen when in contact with air, to form rust. They are safe to use and non-toxic/non-reactive in nature, thus, they are widely used in the food industry to extend the shelf life of food products, confectionery, and candies. Using oxygen absorbers in candy packaging can offer a number of benefits, and help safeguard the sweet treats from spoilage and damage.

Top 7 tips to choosing the right oxygen absorbers for candy and confectionery packaging

When the iron in the oxygen absorber packet, is exposed to oxygen, it undergoes oxidative reactions, resulting in the formation of iron oxide and heat that activate the moisture-recovery agent. This process effectively absorbs the oxygen, thus maintaining the freshness and quality of the candy in box packaging for food. Here are a few tips for you when using and choosing the best suitable oxygen absorbers for candy and chocolate packing.

Tip 1 - Understand the packaging requirements

It is essential to be aware of the specific oxygen absorption needs of your candy and confectionery packaging in order to choose the ideal and suitable option when selecting the appropriate absorber for your food packaging. Different candies may have different oxygen sensitivities, and some varieties may require a very low oxygen level in order to remain fresh, while others may be more flexible in terms of the level of moisture/humidity and oxygen content that they can work with. To determine the most suitable absorber for your candy in packages or confectionery product, it is recommended to consult with well-accredited, packaging experts or to conduct various tests that may help understand these requirements.

Tip 2 - Considering packaging size and volume of the product

The size and quantity of the candy packaging is an important factor to consider when determining the appropriate size and capacity of the oxygen absorber to be used for the packaging application. If the packaging is larger, it will require an absorber with a higher oxygen absorption capacity, and vice versa. Matching and determining the absorber size with the packaging size is can help with the successful removal of oxygen and the preservation of the quality of the candy through packaging.

Tip 3 - Checking for compatibility with the packaging material

In order to ensure the effectiveness of your chocolate or sweet food packaging, it is essential to select oxygen absorbers that are suitable for the chocolate packing materials you are using. Depending on the type of packaging you are using, there may be different absorbers that are optimized for different packaging materials. For instance, some oxygen absorbers are designed to be used with plastic packaging while others are better suited for use with metal and foil packaging, so you need to choose accordingly.

Tip 4- Use high-quality oxygen adsorbers only

There are many different brands and types of oxygen absorbers available, so make sure to choose high-quality oxygen absorbers in your packaging materials that are designed for use with food products. They need to follow all the food safety regulations, like USFDA-approved adsorbers, and should be safe for use with food products and packaging solutions effectively. These oxygen absorbers will be safe and effective for use with your candy.

Tip 5-  Storing the oxygen absorbers effectively

Oxygen absorbers should be stored in a cool, dry place until they are ready to be used or when not in use. This will help to extend their shelf life, and make sure they retain their efficiency for longer periods of time and are effective in time of use.

Tip 6- Use a vacuum sealer to remove air from the packaging

In some cases, it is essential to remove as much air from the packaging as possible before sealing the package to make sure there is optimal packaging condition of the candies and confectionery, and that they will stay fresh for longer in the presence of the oxygen absorber. Oxygen absorbers can also help to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria during storage, packaging, and transit. They can be used in both vacuum-sealed and manual-sealed packaging for efficient use.

Tip 7- Do not use spoilt or damaged oxygen absorbers in packaging

Always make sure to check the quality of the oxygen absorbers and their efficiency before using them in box packaging for food. Used packaging materials, sachets, or pouches can do more harm than good if used in the packaging of food products or candies and confectionery, as they contain iron powder in them. Thus discard any used or spoilt oxygen absorber packets and replace them as and when necessary.

Bonus Tip- Always buy from a trusted manufacturer only

If you want to efficiently store, package, and transport your candies and confectionery packaging, you need to make sure you are using only high-quality and competent products that are made by a well-accredited manufacturer. This will make sure there are no issues or damage to your products, and they stay fresh and intact for longer.

It is essential to select an oxygen absorber that is best suitable for your candy packaging needs in order to guarantee its efficacy and durability in the long run. There are a variety of oxygen absorbers available, and each of which has its own distinct features, thus choose one that is suitable for your particular packaging needs.

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