Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
17 May, 2023

OxySorb-Oxygen Scavenger: The Primary Food Packaging Solutions

With the growth of new technology, there are innovations in the food packaging industry. The innovations have made the packaging industry more powerful with solutions like oxygen scavengers and have taken a step ahead in reducing food wastage with sustainable food packaging solutions.

OxySorb-Oxygen Scavengers act as oxygen barriers for primary food packaging, reducing the level of oxygen inside the packaging and saving the food from spoilage, bacterial growth, and rancidity. The solution is available in sachets induced into the primary packaging to retain nutritional values and for a longer shelf life of the food. 

Why does the food package need oxygen barriers?

The requirement for oxygen barriers or oxygen absorbers has come into major demand after the research on food wastage in several countries. The research reports have stated that over 30% of food globally is wasted annually. However, global food waste has cross-cutting issues that start from agricultural production and continue to landfills. 

Thus, the need for oxygen absorbers and other food-preserving solutions comes into action. Such solutions are important in reducing food wastage and preserving our environment. 

How OxySorb increases the shelf life of food packaging?

Oxygen absorber increases the shelf life of food packaging. It is a type of oxygen absorber designed to remove oxygen from the packaging, thereby reducing the risk of spoilage and extending the product's shelf life.

Oxygen absorber for food packaging has become increasingly popular in recent years as consumers have become more concerned about the safety and quality of their food. With the growing demand for healthier and fresher food options, food manufacturers are looking for ways to improve the shelf life of their products.

How to use OxySorb in food packaging?

OxySorb for food packaging works by removing oxygen from the packaging, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause food to spoil. This not only helps to extend the product's shelf life but also helps maintain the quality and freshness of the food, making it more appealing to consumers.

OxySorb is specially manufactured for rancidity and bacterial growth. The solution helps provide a perfect barrier against oxygen, stop the food from being spoiled, and extend its shelf life. 

An OxySorb is first placed into an airtight container with direct contact with the food. The solution starts absorbing the excess oxygen from the surrounding environment. It ensures no chemical reactions, bad odour, or bacterial attacks on the food.

Oxygen scavengers for food packaging are always manufactured with USFDA and EU standards in mind, so there is no challenge faced during storing food products for longer. Thus, the solution's packaging is done with Tyvek paper, which is the safest packaging material for any product storage. 

Other methods for food packaging:

A few other solutions are involved in primary food packaging, such as silica gel packets. Silica gel is as safe as an oxygen absorber; the desiccant controls the moisture levels inside the food packaging and avoids moulding and mildew problems. As an oxygen absorber absorbs oxygen, silica gel absorbs moisture. Both have their food-preserving factors and take a step forward to maintain the sustainability of food packaging.

In conclusion, oxygen scavengers are the foremost solution for providing an effective oxygen barrier to the food packaging industry and helping the planet lessen the growth of food wastage. OxySorb is a sachet of iron powder that can immensely help foods stay fresh, preserve their nutritional values, favours intact, and most importantly, preserve them for a longer time. 



  1. Which cc of oxygen absorber should be used 

 CC (cubic centimetre) is meant as the size of the absorber. The CC of the solution depends on the packaging type and total storage area of the food product.

  1.  Does the oxygen absorber absorb moisture?

No, oxygen absorbers do not absorb moisture; they only absorb excess oxygen from food packaging.


Sorbead India's oxygen absorber is available in sachets of various sizes, useful for protection against oxygen. It absorbs almost 3 times its weight of oxygen, maintains product freshness, and extends shelf life. Contact us for more information and to buy the best food packaging solution.


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