Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
12 Jun, 2020

Oxygen Absorbers for Fresh and Safe Meat Packaging

In the packing of meat, it is an established fact that the presence of oxygen can create contamination of different kinds in a very short period. This greatly reduces its shelf or storage life. Obviously, the remedy to this problem is to remove the presence of any oxygen while packing meat and its products.

Among the better-known methods of keeping oxygen out is with the use of oxygen absorbing packets. These can also be available in the form of strips or rolls of varying shapes and sizes. Each type of meat packing must have its own unique manner of keeping oxygen out. The presence of oxygen brings along with it moisture, which is another root cause for contaminating the products quickly.

One of the most effective ways of producing quality oxygen absorbers is by combining zeolite and chelated carbon and packing them either in polyester, polyethylene or in Tyvek paper as per the demands of the packaging required. It is important to note that these packing materials remain non-toxic at all times and do not bring about any changes in the meat products packed with them, besides, they have been approved by the USFDA.

Apart from eliminating the presence of oxygen and moisture, these packets also help in securing the contents from other corrosion contributing factors and increase their shelf life considerably without even changing their color or other compositions of their contents.

There are other similar methods that can be used to bring the same desired results. Interestingly, all these are low in cost and can preserve meat products for almost 30 days in their original condition. Consumers can now feel confident that the meat packaged in this way is very safe for consumption.

The Many Benefits of Oxygen-free Packaging

Some of the several benefits of this form of packing meat products are listed here:

  • It enhances the storage or shelf life over extended periods of time.
  • It is a low-cost solution for preserving meat products.
  • The packaged meats can now be transported and distributed freely.
  • This method of oxygen removal is sometimes more effective than the job done by expensive machines.
  • It preserves the quality and the taste along with its visual appearance till it is consumed.

These oxygen packets do not require any activation and provide a low start-up cost.

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