Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
09 Jan, 2024

Protect and Save Food Products During Delayed Shipping With Oxysorb

In the wake of recent events such as the Truck Drivers’protest the Red Sea crisis and global trade, the transportation of food products through cargo and other mediums in general has undergone delay, damage, or spoilage due to unforeseen conditions.

In such situations, food products are susceptible to changing environmental conditions, like moisture, oxygen, organisms, humidity, heat, dust, etc. One of the factors that poses a serious risk to the quality of the food products shipped in cargo is the presence of oxygen. Excess amounts of oxygen can cause the food products to lose their texture, freshness, and potency.

Oxygen absorbers can safeguard, protect and preserve the quality of food products from spoilage due to these detrimental factors of excess oxygen present in cargo settings.

How Oxysorb can help prevent damage to food products during shipping?

High oxygen absorption capabilities: An oxygen absorber is a packet filled with iron powder. When exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes and absorbs it. This process prolongs the shelf life of dried foods and grains, while also protecting them from mold and other harmful organisms.

Protect a wide range of products: They are suitable for a variety of food products and provide a wide range of oxygen and humidity protection, such as dry fruits, sweets, dried flowers, nuts, seeds, coffee, tea, dry seafood packaging, spices, herbs & seasonings, flour, pulses, grains, poultry, dairy, dry pasta, candies & confectioneries, and organic food products.

Preserve product quality effectively: Oxysorb can help preserve food quality, freshness, texture, and aroma for longer periods of time due to effectively maintaining optimum levels of oxygen inside the packaging and cargo settings.

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution: Oxysorb packets are made keeping in mind the sustainability factor and with natural and eco-friendly materials. They can effectively absorb up to 98% of oxygen from the food product packaging, keeping its entire nutritive value and maintaining proper storage conditions or delays like during the Truck drivers' protest and the Red Sea crisis.

Available in various sizes: Oxysorb packets are available in various sizes making them suitable for use in small or large scale applications efficiently. You can choose from 20cc Oxygen Absorber to 3000cc Oxygen Absorber packets as per your needs.

USFDA-approved and compliant: Since Oxysorb is used along with food products, it is compliant with numerous stringent regulations and compliances and is USFDA-approved so you can rest assured that the product is non-toxic inert in nature, and safe for use.

Affordable and preservative-free option: When you use Oxysorb for protecting food products from spoilage, you are saving a lot of money, and using a preservative-free packaging solution that can help enhance and maintain the shelf life of your food products during shipping and unexpected delays like during the Truck drivers' protest and the Red Sea crisis.

Oxysorb, oxygen absorber has helped save and protect numerous cargo and shipping container contents of food products from the detrimental factors of excess oxygen and moisture levels during the Truck drivers' protest and the Red Sea crisis, and helped save goods worth $100,000,000.

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