Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
12 May, 2022


Oxygen absorber little packages are packed with iron powder. The iron absorbs 99% of the oxygen that is available inside the sealed environment. Other atmospheric gases are inert and don't cause oxidation of the food.

Oxygen absorber sachets start absorbing oxygen as soon as they are taken out from the sealed container leading to the formation of iron oxide as a result of oxidation. The right quantity of oxygen absorbers sachets effectively brings the oxygen level down to 0.01% or less.

Why Should We Use Oxygen Absorbers?

If you are looking for something that keeps the food dehydrated and enhances its shelf life, then use oxygen absorbers as they effectively bring down the oxygen level to 0.01% inside the sealed environment. It can also be used for dried foods to enhance their shelf life further. Also, it helps you preserve your food without causing any reaction or adding additives, which means it doesn't compromise the nutritional value of the food.

These oxygen absorbers effectively absorb the moisture, which is as much as 3 times its weight, and protect the food products against the adverse changes that may occur in the presence of oxygen and moisture, such as the growth of mold, mildew, degradation of colour, and quality as moisture acts as a catalyst for speeding the oxidative degradation which further leads to worsening of the factors contributing to the degradation.

Now that we know it's easy to use, one should always be careful. It starts absorbing oxygen as soon as it comes into contact with the surrounding air; hence, it must be added immediately to the container prepared with food.

How To Use Oxygen Absorbers?

The type of food and the container will help you determine how many packets of oxygen absorber you'll require based on the content of oxygen that can be effectively brought down to 0.01% or less.

Oxygen absorbers contain Iron Powder, Bentonite, Activated Charcoal, Sodium Chloride, Resin, and Water. These components make a perfect adsorbing base that adsorbs the oxygen and moisture that somehow enters while packaging the product. Oxysorb for food storage is effective against deterioration caused by oxygen while in storage.

When oxygen absorbers get solidified, that's the sign that all the iron powder has been oxidized, and it's time to replace the used packets with the new packets of oxygen absorbers. Oxygen Absorber is available in 50cc, 100cc, 300cc, 500cc, 1000cc, and 2000cc packets. Also, these packets can be used in combination to cover the volume. Once you have determined the number of packets, food, and the type of container, you can begin with the steps below.


Step 1:  Prepare your container and food.

Containers that you will use should be clean and dry before adding the food, and they should be closed immediately.

Step 2: Keep the Oxygen Absorbers inside a sealed container

Oxygen absorbers start absorbing oxygen as soon as it comes in contact with air, so keep them packed inside a mason jar and add them immediately when your container is prepared and close the lid.

Step 3: Seal the container and label it with the date for your reference

Containers For Oxygen Absorbers

When choosing containers compatible with oxygen absorbers, mylar bags, mason jars, and large plastic containers are the best-recommended containers. Generally, a mason jar is preferred to preserve a small amount of food, and a mylar bag/large plastic container is used to store a large amount of food.

oxygen absorbers

Foods That Must Be Preserved With Oxygen Absorbers:

Foods containing 10% moisture or less can be preserved with oxygen absorbers. Those with moisture and oil content above the permissible limit can be botulism poisoning when stored with oxygen absorbers.

• Natural cheese and other dairy products

• Prevents fruits and vegetables from browning due to non-enzymatic process

• Inhibits oxidation and buildup of red colour in most berries and sauces

• Bread, cookies, cakes, pastries

• Nuts and snacks

• Candies and confectioneries

• Whole fat dry foods

Dried fruits and vegetable

• Spices and seasonings

• Flour and grain items 

• Fresh and precooked pasta and noodles

• Vitamins 


One Should Be Careful Of The Following Points While Using Oxygen Absorbers:

Oxygen absorbers are often misunderstood for silica gel made of silicon dioxide. It is one of the widely used desiccants in many products like shoes, leather purses, electronics, pharmaceuticals etc. It helps in preserving the goods against the adverse effects of moisture.

Ensure the oxygen absorber packets are least exposed to the surrounding air before adding to the container because it starts functioning soon after coming in contact with the air.

Replace the old packets with new oxysorb packets when they become solidified instead of a powdered form when added to the container.


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