Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
29 Mar, 2024

The Benefits, Importance And Uses Of Oxygen Absorber For Mix Seeds

To preserve, protect, and maintain the effectiveness, freshness, and potency of seeds, it is essential to make sure that they are stored in optimum conditions and moisture/oxygen levels during storage, packaging, and transportation.

When it comes to preserving their efficiency and potency for longer durations of transportation or shelf life, it is best to use Oxygen absorber for Mix Seeds as they can help maintain optimum levels of moisture and oxygen in the packaging of these sensitive items and can protect them against the detrimental factors of microorganisms, mold, mildew, and contamination.

Oxygen absorbers when used with mix seeds during storage and shelf life can have many benefits beyond storage, but one of the most important is their ability to absorb oxygen. Oxygen absorber packets can help preserve the color, texture, and aroma of your mix seeds, keeping them fresh and free of spoilage or detrimental environmental factors.

By understanding how oxygen absorbers protect mix seeds from oxidation, rancidity, and infestation will help you maximize the shelf life of your mix seeds for longer durations.

Challenges faced during the prolonged storage of mix seeds

Though mix seeds may be in their dried forms, that are perfectly preserved to keep their freshness, crispness, texture, taste, flavor, aroma, and overall effectiveness, they need to be safeguarded well from the external factors during longer durations of storage and transportation. And thus, by using Oxysorb packets they can be protected from any kind of physical damage during harvest and storage.

When seeds are stored incorrectly, they absorb more moisture, which encourages the growth of harmful organisms and diseases as well as insects. Many different factors such as temperature, humidity, heat, and light can greatly affect seed storage life, so it’s important to keep your seeds in good condition for long-term storage.

During cooler seasons, food legumes may have fewer and less storage issues due to their good storage properties and the cool and dry conditions in which they are cultivated or stored. But, this may not be the case during the storage, packaging, and transportation of these mix seeds, and thus, storage issues can still occur, usually due to seed oxidation, physical damage, or insect infestation due to varying or unsuitable weather and environmental conditions.

With proper storage methods and proper use of absorbent solutions such as oxygen absorbers, we can help preserve the quality and shelf life of mix seeds, throughout global distribution or packaging.

How do oxygen absorbers work with mix seeds?

Oxygen absorbers work when there is presence of excess oxygen inside a packaging or storage unit and are activated by a chemical reaction to remove the excess oxygen from the sealed containers. This prevents spoilage and preserves the quality of your stored items for longer durations or varying environmental conditions. Oxygen absorbers are small packets that contain iron powder which effectively reacts to remove oxygen from inside the container and packaging.

Oxygen absorbers help preserve the color, structure, and smell of many food products including seeds by reducing oxidative processes that cause oxidation in varying weather or storage conditions or packaging for longer durations. The oxidation process involves rusting of the iron inside the absorber creating an optimum environment that is suitable for long-term storage of the dried mix seeds to extend shelf life and improve the quality of stored products.

7 benefits of using Oxygen absorbers with mix seeds

Preserve the color, texture, and aroma of mix seeds

The oxygen absorbers play an important role in maintaining the appearance, texture, and aroma of the mix seeds during packaging and storage. The absorbers stop the oxidation processes that lead to color, texture, and fragrance changes in mix seeds when oxygen is removed from the storage and are improved in terms of overall quality and availability for plantings or consumption by retaining their original qualities and being aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Prevention of spoilage and pest/microorganism infestation

Oxygen absorbers have high barrier properties and can reduce the amount of oxygen in the storage container, which can help keep out pests, microorganisms, and spoilage. They can effectively control and arrest the growth of bacteria, molds, and pests that prefer surroundings high in oxygen leading to a decrease in oxygen levels. Oxygen absorbers are the best packaging solution to protect mix seeds from contamination and deterioration, providing a high safety factor and safe for ingestion or planting, by efficiently discouraging these detrimental substances.

Enhance and preserve the shelf life of mix seeds

 Low Oxygen Mix seeds have a much longer shelf life when oxygen absorbers are used because they prevent oxidative processes that might cause degradation. When this happens, the seeds can be stored and transported for longer durations of time and can be safely used throughout their shelf life. By removing oxygen from the surrounding air, they help maintain optimum levels of storage and do not encourage the growth of microorganisms, mold, mildew, etc in mix seeds packaging.

Avoid rancidity and oxidation of mix seeds

 Oxygen absorbers are instrumental in preventing the oxidation of fats and oils present in mix seeds, which can result in rancidity and undesirable flavors. By absorbing excess oxygen from the storage environment, these absorbers create a protective atmosphere that minimizes the risk of lipid oxidation. This preservation of fats and oils in the mix seeds can greatly help maintain the nutritional integrity and taste profile of the mix seeds, ensuring they retain their freshness and palatability for an extended period.

Maintain freshness, crispness, texture, flavor, and taste of mix seeds

By maintaining an ideal storage environment that reduces degradation processes, oxygen absorbers help to preserve the freshness and quality of mix seeds. These absorbers contribute to the preservation of the nutritional value, taste profile, and general quality of the seeds by lowering the oxygen content within the container or packaging which helps the seeds to stay fresh, tasty, and full of nutrients, making them more appealing and practical for use in cooking or gardening.

Sustainable, affordable, and non-toxic properties

Oxygen absorbers are made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials that are non-toxic in nature, which means they are safe for use with edibles and mix seeds. They do not leach into the packaging, and can be used with a variety of other products. They are very affordable absorbent solutions for use in packaging and storage of high quality mix seeds throughout their shelf life or cargo durations.

We are the global manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality Oxygen absorbers for mix seeds that can help preserve the texture, flavor, aroma, and effectiveness of your mix seeds through long durations of packaging and transportation. 

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