Oxygen Absorber Packets for Long Term Food Storage
28 May, 2024

Active Packaging Solutions - Oxygen Absorber: Definition, Types, Benefits & Future

When it comes to food packaging, it is essential to safeguard and enhance their quality and shelf life to maintain their freshness, texture, and flavour. Since food products are usually FMCG category products, they need to be efficiently preserved well. Thus today we will see how active packaging solutions- Oxygen Absorber can help protect the food packaging from damage, spoilage, and retain its quality throughout its shelf life and storage even during long transits.

Oxygen absorbers for packaged food maintain the optimum amount of oxygen in the surroundings and help prevent oxidation, rancidity, and microbial growth that may lead to damage and spoilage. They are a cost-effective and reliable method to effectively enhance food preservation and meet consumer expectations as well as various stringent food compliances for freshness and taste.

What are Active packaging solutions - Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen absorbers are usually made of small, airtight, yet porous sachets that contain iron powder, sodium chloride (salt), activated carbon and are packaged in natural materials.  These components work together to absorb oxygen from the air inside the food package.

The iron powder in the absorber binds to the oxygen molecules allowing it to effectively absorb the oxygen molecules and the chemical reaction takes place as the iron powder interacts with the oxygen molecules from the air. The iron powder in the Active packaging solution for packaged food absorbs the oxygen and becomes saturated, thus needs to be replaced timely and regularly. This process helps keep the product fresh and safe by reducing the oxygen levels in the sealed food packaging, preventing spoilage, and prolonging the shelf life of the product.

Types of Active Packaging Solutions

-Oxygen Scavengers come in various forms and types and are used in a variety of food packaging applications from dried seeds and nuts, poultry products, meat, sweets, confectioneries, snacks, organic food, spices, herbs, flour, pulses, grains, cereals, baked goods, and other dairy products. They are also used to reduce microbial growth by eliminating or reducing the oxygen content in the package, improving shelf life and product safety.

- Moisture scavenger active packaging is mainly used where there is a presence of high moisture content such as packaging of fresh meat or fish. The most popular moisture scavenger is silica gel as it is nontoxic and inert. They help maintain optimum levels of moisture and humidity in the packaging to avoid spoilage of food products and the growth of mold and mildew.

- The most common ethylene scavengers are in the form of sachets and are widely used inside the packaging or the packaging material. Ethylene scavengers absorb moisture and ethylene to extend the shelf life of the product and are commonly used in the transport and warehousing of tropical fruits.

Benefits of Using Active Packaging Solutions - Oxygen Absorber

  • By reducing the amount of oxygen in the environment, oxygen absorbers reduce the time it takes for packaged food to oxidize and spoil and improve its shelf life.
  • Oxygen absorbers help maintain the freshness of food products, including flavour, aroma, texture, and nutritional content by properly maintaining optimum oxygen levels inside the food packaging materials.
  • Rancid Flavors and Odors can be caused by the presence of oxygen in food fats and oils thus, oxygen absorbers reduce this risk by creating oxygen-free environments.
  • Oxygen absorbers create an anaerobic environment, inside the packaging to avoid the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.
  • OxySorb packets are food-compliant and safe for use, providing high food safety by minimizing the risk of microbial contamination.

Future of Active Packaging Solutions - Oxygen Absorber

With the advent of smart and innovative active packaging solutions using various technologies that provide more sustainable and health-conscious solutions towards packaged food. Regulatory considerations and challenges may give rise to making oxygen absorbers more efficient and eco-friendly like PFAS-free.

If you are looking for premium quality Active Packaging Solutions - Oxygen Absorber check out our website and learn how OxySorb can help provide efficient food packaging solutions.

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