Tablets Packaging

Oxygen Absorbers are very important in the storing and packaging of all kinds of pharmaceutical products.

These include tablets, capsules, vitamins and drug formulations among others. Oxygen Absorber sachets are placed alongside the tablets stored in bottles in order to make sure that no traces of oxygen are present in the closed space. This ensures longer shelf life of the tablets and they can be used for many more days.

All types of medicines, including tablets, are adversely affected by the presence of oxygen in the package headspace. Oxygen can react with the tablets to change their chemical/physical composition and in the process making them useless.

Oxidative degradation is also under control with the use of oxygen absorber sachets. Another benefit of using oxygen absorbers is that it controls the tablets free moisture levels as well as associated molecular movement. This goes a long way in preventing the degradation of the packed tablets.

Almost all the oxygen absorbers available in the market adhere to standard pharmaceutical packaging standards. They are fully capable of reporting changes occurring in tablets and capsules due to prolonged contact with oxygen. Oxygen absorbers are used for tablets packed in HDPE, Glass Bottles and Blister Packs. In both these packaging, oxygen absorbers takes in all the oxygen present as soon as the seal is opened.