Tablets Packaging

Presence of oxygen can affect the physical and chemical stability of the pharmaceutical products.

Due to the oxygen transmission during the packaging, tablets get exposed to the presence of oxygen that has permeated the package from the outside environment.

Oxygen absorbers help in extending the shelf life of pharmaceutical products by providing protection against the degradation caused due to the presence of oxygen.

Most of the medicines formulated are manufactured in solid dosage forms like tablets hence their packaging becomes of utmost importance as most of these molecules belong to the class II and class IV which are more sensitive to moisture as compared to the other drug molecules. Oxygen absorbers in tablets packaging control the conditions inside the packaging of the drug product by absorbing 3 times of its weight in moisture to prevent the medicines from the growth of mold, mildew, and microorganisms. Also, helps in protecting the medicines against quality and color degradation.

These days, tablet containers are used widely as they provide a robust yet economical packaging solution for tablets and other solid dosage forms such as capsules, granules and powder. Tablet containers for pharmaceutical industries are especially manufactured as per international quality norms and are capable of providing longer shelf life and air tight packaging to the medicines packaged inside.

But, there is always some scope of oxygen ingression during the packaging which can further lead to the degradation of the medicine and huge loss is incurred by the companies when medicines are recalled due to its non-compliance with the established norms as the medicine loses its therapeutic activity due to oxidative degradation in the presence of oxygen.

Oxygen scavengers in pharmaceutical packaging is used for the tablet packaging which is an iron free powder and consists of Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Activated Carbon, Water, Diatomaceous Earth which do not allow oxygen to enter the product. It has low OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) which means rate of oxygen transmission through a film at specified conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

Due to its low OTR, it provides moisture free storage conditions for the pharmaceuticals. These oxygen absorber sachets not only protect medicine against the oxidative degradation but they are also successful at maintaining lower moisture levels in tablet packaging which further affects the molecular movement in the packaged product and helps in increasing the shelf life.

These oxygen absorbers are manufactured for a wide range of packaging and can be used in all types of tablet packaging irrespective of the type of packaging used like HDPE bottles, Glass bottles and blister strips. Oxygen absorber is a great choice to ensure the moisture free packaging for the packaging of tablets.