Snacks Packaging

Oxygen degradation is a major concern for the food and beverage industry.

Packaged food items like snacks, dry fruits, nuts, etc., when exposed to the oxygen present in the headspaces can turn rancid or become stale. The presence of oxygen is not at all suitable for the longer shelf life of the snack items. An oxygen presence of less than 0.01% is what is recommended for maintaining the freshness and long life of the food items.

When food items like snacks are exposed to oxygen, it will lead to many problems. The presence of high levels of oxygen in the packages can cause spoilage, leaking of oils, changes in color and rancidity in snack items. The main attraction of snacks is that they are fresh and crunchy. All these character traits will disappear when there is prolonged contact with oxygen and the snacks will, therefore, lose their appeal.

To counter these problems and more, the food processing industry makes use of oxygen absorbers sachets, which are highly effective in bringing down the oxygen levels to the minimum required. In addition, oxygen absorbers protect against loss of nutritional value due to exposure to oxygen/moisture. The absorbers are also quite effective against damages caused by insects.