Pasta Noodles Packaging

Sorbead India’s oxygen absorbers for pasta and noodles packaging preserve freshness. It enhances shelf-life of the packaged and processed food.

Presence of oxygen may give rise to a number of undesirable changes in the food item making it unsuitable for the consumption. Also, the trapped oxygen inside the packaging leads to the growth of mold, mildew and microorganisms that changes flavor, taste and odor of the food.

Physical damage to noodle packages leads to degradation of quality in the noodle products. In most of the cases, noodles inside the package go bad due to the growth of mold in noodles which happens in the presence of oxygen and moisture inside the package. Instant noodles are generally observed to develop a sour taste which is due to the process of oxidation that occurs upon storage for longer durations under the unprotected conditions.

These tiny oxygen absorbers packets are capable of bringing the oxygen level reliably down to 0.01% or less inside the packaging. It is essential to use the oxygen absorbers pouches that are customized for the needs of a particular food industry so that it effectively helps in the removal of oxygen from the inner packaging environment.

Quality deteriorations are majorly caused by two factors: Improper storage conditions and improper microenvironment inside the package and such deteriorations can be overruled by the use of oxygen absorbers. Not only it eliminates the potential factors for causing spoilage of the product but also helps in improving the food safety.

The oxygen trapped in the headspace of the packaging needs to be determined for deciding the correct size of the oxygen absorbers to be used in the packaging of Pasta & Noodles. It has been shown in the research study that ready to cook and precooked noodles & pasta can be kept fresh for up to 180 days with the help of oxygen absorbers. Oxygen absorber sachets inside the food packets containing noodles and pasta also help to avoid the usage of other substances and processes like gas flushing, vacuum packing, and additives.

Food items like pasta and noodles which are generally stored for the longer durations need the oxygen absorbers that are specifically manufactured for an effective action. Sorbead India manufactures and markets oxygen absorbers that act rapidly and begin their action within the minutes of being placed inside the packaging of the food stored in the storage areas. As pasta and noodles are known to have a higher volume of residual air, hence, a higher capacity of oxygen absorbers like 2000 cc would be needed to maintain an oxygen-free environment.