Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorbers for Pharmaceuticals

Oxygen Absorbers for Pharmaceuticals

Our oxygen scavenger can absorb 3 times of its weight to prevent the medicines from mold, mildew, oxygen, moisture, loss of quality, test and color change. Today’s drug formulations and moisture free packaging choice offer to attract consumers.

Our oxygen absorber being an iron-free product increases the shelf life as compared to the iron contained oxygen absorber.

Iron-Free Oxygen Absorber has the below-mentioned advantages:

  • A higher proportion of molecules in the drug pipeline are in classes II and IV. These classes of molecules are often formulated in such a way as to make them more sensitive to oxygen.
  • Iron Free absorbers do not interfere with metal detectors in pharmaceutical packaging line.
  • With Iron Free types the potential risk of accidental ingestion is far low.
  • Low risk with liquid-based products where permeation could be an issue, especially for intravenous fluids manufacturers.
  • Ascorbic acid being edible is safe.
  • Low water activity reported as compared to iron-based.
  • Lower exothermic reaction reported so no water droplets formulation on sudden exposure inside closed packaging configurations.
  • Iron-free is capable of maintaining a level of oxygen less than 0.2% for 2 years vs Iron-based 0.5%.
  • Removal of bound excipients oxygen is greater with Ascorbic acid-based absorbers.
  • Discoloration of oxygen-sensitive drugs is reduced by 98% as compared to 80%.
  • High energy form of drugs(amorphous /amines/salts/sulfide/allyl alcohols, Phenolic) for these drugs the redox potential is reduced to less than 1300 mv as compared to 1600 mv.
  • Higher reduction of oxygen radicals is reported with the ascorbic acid type of absorbers.
  • Reported water activity is less as compared to other self-induced oxygen absorbers.
  • Activates using the natural moisture of a product with mid to high water activity levels.
  • Prevents degradation of oxygen-sensitive products.
  • Iron-based absorbers may increase odor associated with ferrous compounds while reaching its saturation point.

Selection Of Oxygen Scavengers During The Packaging:

  • Oxygen scavengers are designed to easily insert into packaging bottles, cans and airtight containers.
  • While using oxygen absorber for the packaging container, make sure there is no leakage.
  • Packaging glass bottles should have a tight seal between the bottle and its cap.
  • Packets are designed to have low oxygen porousness.

The process of oxidative degradation is a major issue for many healthcare products, such as diagnostics kits, pharmaceuticals, and other therapies.

Our Desiccare’s oxygen scavengers are protecting pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, diagnostic kits, API’s proteins & vitamins products from oxidative reactions and oxygen dehydration, thus extending the shelf life of pharma packaging.

With our specialized oxygen scavengers offers a full solution for combating oxidation and other undesirable side effects during pharmaceutical packaging.


Our oxygen scavengers are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). While storing and packing pharmaceutical products, one has to ensure that there is no oxygen present in the surroundings.

It is in order to solve these problems of oxidization that pharmaceutical companies make use of oxygen absorbers to remove all traces of oxygen from the packages storing or transporting pharmaceutical goods.