Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorbers for Pharmaceuticals

Oxygen Absorbers for Pharmaceuticals

Oxygen and moisture in the packaging degrade pharmaceuticals. Oxygen also causes reactions in many chemicals and substrates used in in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. Oxygen scavenger pharmaceutical packaging help prevent these oxidation reactions ensuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals. It absorbs oxygen at low relative humidity levels, hence providing protection against both oxygen and moisture.

Sorbead India is the oxygen absorber supplier and known for supplying oxygen absorber sachets that can address the need for oxygen protection in the packaging, rather than in the drug formulation phase, saving valuable research and launch time. Its oxygen absorbers comply with FDA requirements for contact with pharmaceutical products.

Sorbead India is the global supplier of oxygen scavenger / oxygen absorber that can absorb 3 times of its weight in moisture to prevent the medicines from mold, mildew, oxygen, moisture, loss of quality, test and color change. Today’s drug formulations and moisture free packaging offers many hassle free ways to protect the medicines against oxygen penetration. But, there is always a scope for traces of oxygen being left inside while packaging.

Sorbead’s oxygen absorber for pharmaceuticals is an iron-free product that increases the shelf life of the medicines without interacting with the API and effective efficacy of the product. Pharma Grade Oxygen Absorber or Oxygen Scavenger:

Our oxygen scavenger being an iron-free oxygen absorber are made of a material that is containing Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Activated Carbon, Water, Diatomaceous Earth which do not allow oxygen and moisture to enter the product. It has low OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) which means oxygen gas transmission through a film at specified conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Due to its low OTR, it provides moisture free storage conditions for pharmaceuticals.

Iron-Free Oxygen Absorber has the following advantages:

  • Class II and IV has higher proportion of molecules in the drug pipeline that are often formulated in such a way making them sensitive to oxygen.