Oxygen Absorber Packets

oxygen absorber sachets
Oxygen Absorber Packets are made from chemical components the combination of iron oxide and natural zeolite. After the process dry frieze of foods such as nitrogen flushing, use vacuumed sealed bags to prevent oxygen from packaging. But these methods remove only 95% oxygen and water area from packaging container, so using Oxygen Absorber Packets is the best technique to protect foods. Our Oxygen Absorber Packets are holding iron oxide powder which is packed In Tyvek paper material; this material is approved by FDA standard. Therefore the little Oxygen Absorber Packets are non-toxic, can put with pharmaceutical or food packaging products.

Oxygen Absorber Packets for Food Storage:

Oxygen Absorber Packets are the transformed way to store foods, with adding these packets to your food storage, creates the oxygen-free environment. This Oxygen Absorber Packets greatly prolongs and shelf life of your food source, without any damaging effects and prevents the oxidation from the packaging container.

Oxygen Absorber Packets for Pharmaceuticals:

Our traditional  Oxygen absorber is protecting pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutraceuticals, vitamins, nutrition and other healthcare products. In the pharmaceutical formulation, oxidation of proteins, vitamins and other API’s can affect the shelf life of packaging material and be causing undesirable side effects. For this solution sorbed offers pharma keep oxygen absorbers, especially for pharmaceutical API’s packaging.