Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorbers for food storage

Oxygen is the major cause of deterioration for the foods that are sensitive towards it.

Its presence further leads to growth of mold, mildew and microorganisms in the product that causes further degradation of the product.

Due to failures in the packaging process, presence of oxygen is generally found in food packages, such as mixture of gases containing oxygen residues, or inefficient vacuum. Vacuum packaging has been widely used to eliminate oxygen in the package prior to sealing. However, the oxygen that permeates from the outside environment into the package through the packaging material cannot be removed by this method. Therefore, incorporation of oxygen absorber sachets into the packaging of the product is important.

An oxygen absorber packets works at the available moisture in the packaged food and the trapped air during packaging causes the iron in the absorber to turn to rust, which then reduces the presence of oxygen, this process is called “oxidation.” This transition in oxygen content creates a higher concentration of nitrogen, which is better for long term shelf life of the packaged food item.

Oxygen absorber pouches are safe to place on top of the food. They will not harm the food they are in contact with as they come in a sealed pouch. Oxygen absorbers are used to remove oxygen within a sealed environment, creating a nitrogen environment for long-term food storage. Oxygen absorbers bring the oxygen level down reliably to 0.01% or less.


They help in the preservation of following food items:

  • Inhibits mold in natural cheeses and other fermented dairy products
  • Delays non-enzymatic browning of fruits and some vegetables
  • Inhibits oxidation and condensation of red pigment of most berries and sauces
  • Breads, cookies, cakes, pastries
  • Nuts and snacks
  • Candies and confectioneries
  • Whole fat dry foods
  • Processed, smoked and cured meats Cheeses and dairy products
  • Dried fruits and vegetable
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Flour and grain items
  • Fresh and precooked pasta and noodles
  • Vitamins

Oxygen Absorbers Food Grade or OxySorb

The small packets of Oxygen absorbers are made of a material that contains Iron Powder, Bentonite, Activated Charcoal, Sodium Chloride, Resin and Water. All these ingredients in combination make a perfect adsorbing base to trap the oxygen and moisture that somehow enters while packaging of the product. Oxysorb is manufactured to suit your best needs to protect your food against deterioration caused by oxygen while in storage.

Oxygen absorbers reach a saturation point when all the iron powder has oxidized and this is the time to replace the used packets with the new packets of oxygen absorbers.