Organic Food

Organic food is the food that is produced without using the conventional pesticides and fertilizers and it is well known among the health conscious people for its high nutritional value.

These days, everybody has become very conscious of their eating habits and count calories before adding anything to their plates. In a scenario like this, organic food stands as the best food as it is rich with nutrients and vitamins and do not have high calorific value which is why everybody is reaching for this food in the first place.

This behavioral change in eating habits has resulted into the higher consumption of organic food which in turn demands the higher rate of their transportation from one place to the other especially to the metropolitan cities which lack the evidences of organic farming in nearby areas. It is important to package this food well so that they stay safe during long hours of transportation as organic farming is generally taken up in far flung areas in order to prevent the produce from the effects of pollution.

Organic food is highly perishable in nature and so must be prevented against the factors of degradation as soon as they come out of fields. Organic food is more stable and has little longer shelf life than normally grown vegetables and fruits that employ the use of pesticides and insecticides to increase the yield. They are also kept devoid of chemical preservatives and antioxidants to keep them organic in true sense which has greater health benefits.

Avoiding the use of conventional methods of preservation doesn’t mean that they are not prone to any degradation. Presence of oxygen and moisture in their places of storage can cause oxidation of food and make them rot before reaching your plates. Oxidation leads to the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew and makes the food unfit for the consumption.

As organic food already has a higher content of moisture and oxygen unlike the foods that are dry, therefore utmost care needs to be taken for its protection from the harmful effects of oxygen leading to the spoilage of the product by drastically increasing the concentration of oxygen inside the food packages.

Oxygen absorbers for organic food are used to absorb oxygen that is present inside the packaging of organic food or enters the food package over a period of time. Sorbead India manufactures the sachets of organic food absorber containing iron powder which turns to rust in the presence of oxygen and moisture, making the contents of the package safe against the enzymatic and microbial degradation.