Organic Food

Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for organic food products, which are grown in organic conditions without any preservatives and anti-oxidants like BHA, TBHQ among others.

The demand for these products is high because they are fresh and devoid of any kind of toxins. So more and more people prefer to “Go Organic” to eat unadulterated food products rather than spend money on toxic vegetables and fruits.

As the organic food items are made without any pesticides and chemicals, they will have a longer shelf life, when compared to the normal food products. However, organic food items are equally susceptible to oxidative degradation like any other food. Prolonged contact with oxygen can harm the organic food items in more ways than one.

Oxygen degradation can cause organic food to turn rancid with the change in colors and taste. Oxygen can also lead to the organic food products losing their freshness and along with it, their nutritional value as well.

This is where the role of oxygen absorbers or scavengers becomes important as they keep the organic food items away from the harmful effects of both oxygen and moisture. Placing an oxygen absorber sachet in organic food packages will ensure that they stay oxygen-free and have an extended shelf life.