Meat Packaging

Oxygen absorber for meat packaging

Fresh Meat:

Sorbead India’s Oxygen Absorbers meat packaging programs are low oxygen that preserves the test and color of fresh cut meat. This odorless atmosphere packaging solution maintains meat products in virgin condition around 15-20 days.

Processed Meat:

The oxidation process is effect cause odors and color change on cured and smoked meats. For this solution maintaining flavor and extended shelf life with using oxygen absorbers which can preserve meat for more than a targeted period.

Users or customers are always concern regarding the contact of the absorbers with foods. These absorbers are absolutely safe for the food. The packets are designed very cleverly. The iron powder is sealed in a small packet that is placed inside the oxygen scavenger packet. Oxygen and moisture can enter the Oxygen Absorber packet but the iron powder doesn’t leak out. So it is completely safe to place the iron powder on the top of the food.