Hdpe Bottle Packaging

High-density Polyethylene or HDPE bottles are used for the purpose of packaging in many industries.

Due to this material’s durability and strength these bottles are mainly used for the packaging of range of products and applications like:

  • For beauty products like cosmetics and shampoo
  • For hygiene maintenance as dish detergent, laundry detergent, household cleaners
  • For retail and groceries packaging bag
  • For food products like milk, juice, food, cereal and snack liners
  • For scientific products like chemicals and solvents
  • For medical products like devices and pharmaceuticals

HDPE bottle packaging is used for a variety of applications as this material acts like a barrier against moisture and chemicals. Its durability and cost-effectiveness makes it a good choice for companies to package their products as it makes their industrial operations more cost-effective.

Due to the durability of the HDPE bottles it is widely used for the packaging of a wide range of the products both in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Hence, extra care needs to be taken against the oxygen penetration during the packaging of the products in HDPE bottle packaging.

Oxygen scavenger for HDPE bottle is widely used for packaging of pharmaceuticals and although it has many advantageous properties but there is always some scope for oxygen permeation to take place through packaging even after taking the utmost care. Presence of oxygen inside the packaging leads to spoilage of the contents and reduces the shelf life of the medicine which may further lead to huge economic loss to all the stakeholders in the industry.

To tackle this problem, use of oxygen absorber packets while packaging the product is of great relevance and importance. Iron free oxygen absorbers are useful in absorbing oxygen that might have got trapped inside even in the minutest proportion. It also helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms that leads to further spoilage of the contents inside.

Oxygen absorbers in HDPE bottle packaging are not just used for enhancing the shelf life of the product but work equally well when it comes to enhancing the functioning of polymeric materials. Sorbead India manufactures and markets the oxygen absorbers that are economically priced and fulfils several requirements like

  • Harmless to the product inside packaging.
  • Absorbs oxygen at an appropriate rate which helps in maintaining the shelf life of the product.
  • Do not produce unfavorable odor or toxic substances and prevents the product from spoiling.
  • Do not consume much space as they are compact in size.
  • Performs effectively until the saturation is reached.