Hdpe Bottle Packaging

High Density Polyethylene Bottles or HDPE Bottles, as they are commonly known as being used for storage purposes in many industries.

The most important of these include food products, pharmaceutical, personal care, household items, consumer, chemical and high-end food and beverages. While packing items in HDPE bottles, utmost care must be taken that there is no oxygen permeation into the bottle as any traces of oxygen can spoil the product, especially juice, shampoos and creams.

In order to tackle this problem, High Density Polyethylene Bottles are nowadays available with oxygen barriers, which prevent any intake of oxygen. Oxygen absorbers are the most in-demand in this field. Once used in HDPE Bottle packaging, these oxygen absorbers are known to enhance the functioning of polymeric materials. Experts all agree on one factor- the protection against oxygen, which is offered by oxygen absorbers cannot be offered by any other adsorbent or desiccant.

Food items, which can turn rancid when coming in contact with oxygen, can be kept in unlined HDPE Bottles if the correct type of oxygen absorber is used. Not only must that one makes sure that the bottle is properly sealed. Both these steps will safeguard products kept in HDPE Bottles from oxygen degradation.