Grains Packaging

Oxygen is known to be harmful to dry products like grains, flours, pastas, corn, barley rye and rice among others.

As these food items need to be stored in a cool, dark place, it also becomes important that there is no presence of oxygen molecules in the storage area. Oxygen can cause oxygen degradation in the grains and they will lose their freshness. For dry goods, the main advantage of using oxygen is that it protects against the growth of aerobic bacteria like mold and fungi and spoilage organisms.

The ideal requirement for grains is two packets of oxygen absorbers for every five gallon container of grains. As the grains usually do not contain large residual air volume, the use of two oxygen absorber sachets is more than enough. One can also use a single 2000cc oxygen absorber as well for the proper storage of food grains.

Preparing the grains before placing the oxygen absorbers is very important. First place all the grains in the storage vessel like drums and keep the lids and sealing material all ready.

Next place the oxygen absorber sachets inside the storage vessel and immediately secure the lead. This will ensure that no oxygen/impurities from outside will make their way inside.