Diagnostic Kits Packaging

Oxidative degradation is a major problem facing the healthcare industry.

Oxidative degradation usually happens when oxygen reacts with various kinds of healthcare products like diagnostics kits, pharmaceutical products and others. This can lead to very undesirable results as the oxygen can harm the healthcare products, especially diagnostic kits, in a very undesirable manner.

Talking in detail about diagnostic kits and the impact of oxygen on them, the latter causes chemical reactions in many of the substrates and formulations of in-vitro diagnostic kits. Oxidative degradation is very harmful for diagnostic kits. Oxygen will react with the kit and greatly affect the accuracy and reliability of these kits. During transportation of these medical diagnostic kits, there are chances that oxygen may react with their components and bring about physical as well as chemical changes.

To tackle the problem of oxidative degradation, most healthcare companies are now turning to oxygen absorbers. These are small sachets, which are placed alongside the medical diagnostic kits to ensure that they are free from any contact with oxygen. This is the easiest and the least inexpensive way of countering the problem of oxygen degradation. Oxygen absorbers are thus the first choice for extending the shelf life of medical diagnostic kits.