Dairy Products Packaging

During the storing and packaging of different dairy products like cheese, milk, dry powdered milk, butter and yogurt, it is very important to ensure that they do not have any contact with oxygen as it will result in oxidative degradation and spoil the dairy products.

The presence of oxygen in packages containing dairy products can lead to the growth of micro-organisms like molds and bacteria, which can spoil the dairy products and make them stable and therefore unusable. It is in order to solve these issues that oxygen absorbers are so important for the food processing industry.

Oxygen absorbers are small sachets containing iron oxide, which absorb all the oxygen present in the head space of the dairy product packages. When the cheese and various other fermented dairy foods come in contact with oxygen, then it will facilitate the growth of spoilage organisms like molds, fungi because these organisms need oxygen for survival.

If one is to place oxygen absorber sachets alongside the dairy foods than it will take in all the oxygen present and therefore the micro-organisms cannot survive.

While transporting dairy food products to far-away destinations, placing oxygen absorber sachets in the packages will help extend the shelf life of the products and keep them fresh and unspoilt till they reach their destination.