Proper packaging is important not only for dairy products but also dry food products like breads, biscuits, pastries and especially cookies.

As it affects dairy products, oxygen is equally harmful for products like cookies. Exposure to oxygen has many negative effects on cookies. The first effect is that it can cause rancidity of the cookie as the latter is an oil-based product. Similar problems are faced by other oil-based products like nuts, biscuits, crisps as well.

Cookies exposed to oxygen over long periods of time do not taste as fresh as when they were first purchased. Colour changes, loss of freshness of the cookies, growth of bacteria and mold are some of the other issues, which crop up due to the prolonged contact with oxygen. If left unattended, toxins can also grow in the cookies over a period of time.

The solution for all the above mentioned problems is simple – oxygen absorbers. These small ferrous oxide containing sachets is the key to extending the shelf life of cookies and keeping them fresh and unspoilt for extended periods.

When placed in the cookie jars, oxygen absorbers create a vacuum by absorbing all the oxygen in the surroundings. This vacuum benefits the cookies stored inside and they can be eaten fresh whenever we want.