Cookies are baked food that contains flour, sugar and oil, these are the most basic ingredients, it can further go on to have nuts, raisins, chocolate chips or some other type of grains to add more nutritional value to it.

Since they contain a lot of ingredients that are sensitive towards oxygen and its presence can lead to their deterioration in both chemical and physical aspects like growth of mold, mildew and microorganisms, change in flavor, odor and taste.

It’s the general perception that cookies don’t need to be preserved like other foods but the truth is that it is also vulnerable to the spoilage that happens in the presence of oxygen. Hence, proper packaging is important for cookies just like any other bakery products such as cakes, pastries, breads etc.

If cookies are not well preserved then they can undergo many harmful changes after being exposed to oxygen causing it unfit to eat. As cookies are oil based, this oil content makes it prone to rancidity due to oxidation reactions in the presence of oxygen. Sugar present in cookies provides the supportive environment for the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, packaging of the cookies should be undertaken with utmost care that ensures the longer shelf life.

An oxygen absorber works at the available moisture in the packaged food that somehow gets trapped over a period of time or while packaging and the trapped oxygen causes the oxidation of iron in the absorber and it turns to rust, which then reduces the presence of oxygen inside the package. As the oxygen content of the trapped air is used up in the process of oxidation leaving a higher concentration of nitrogen in the package which enhances the shelf life of the packaged food item.

Sorbead India manufactures oxygen absorbers for cookies packaging that come in small packets containing the iron powder. These packets or pouches are made of a material that allows oxygen and moisture to enter but does not allow the iron powder to leak out of the packets. Oxygen absorbers are absolutely safe to place on top of the food because they do not harm the food in contact as they come in sealed pouches.

Placing oxygen absorbers inside the cookie jars help in creating vacuum like environment by bringing down the oxygen level to 0.01% or less inside the jar. This vacuum like condition enhances the shelf life of cookies and keeps them fresh for the extended periods of time.