Coffee Bean Packaging

Proper storage is very important for coffee beans. They should ideally be stored in an airtight container in such a manner that there is no contact with moisture or oxygen of any sort.

Oxygen is known to be very harmful to coffee beans. Exposure to oxygen will spoil the roasted coffee beans in no time. Among all the factors adversely affecting coffee beans like direct sunlight, moisture and heat, oxygen is the one causing the most damage.

Exposure to oxygen will drastically affect all the aspects of coffee- its smell, flavor and most importantly, its taste. Once the coffee beans are roasted it becomes highly important to keep them away from the external environment. Research has shown that as little as 70 cubic centimeters of air can spoil nearly a pound of finely roasted coffee.

With the outside air consisting of 19-21 percent oxygen, it becomes necessary to store the coffee beans in a cool, dry place.

Alternatively, one can also make use of adsorbents like oxygen absorbers to remove all traces of oxygen from coffee storage areas. These oxygen absorbers can easily take in 90 percent of the atmospheric oxygen and thus help maintain the aroma and flavor of the roasted coffee. The absorbers have thus prevented against the coffee becoming stale due to oxygen exposure.