Cheese Storage with Oxygen Absorber

The presence of oxygen is very harmful to dairy products like cheese.

If oxygen is present in the packages containing cheese, there are chances that it may get spoilt in no time. Oxygen is bad news for cheese and other dairy products because it shortens the shelf life of these food items.

Whenever there is oxygen present in the packed space, it will react with the cheese to change its color and taste. Oxygen will also lead to oil in the cheese products becoming stale and thus ruining their taste.

By the time the packed cheese has reached its final destination, it would have turned stale and will be completely unusable.

It is to prevent such instances that oxygen absorbers are widely used. Oxygen absorbers, as the name suggests, absorb all the oxygen present in the packed spaces and leave behind a nitrogen-rich environment, which is beneficial for maintaining the long shelf life of the packed cheese.

Another advantage of using oxygen absorbers is that it prevents the growth of aerobic bacteria like mold and fungi, which need oxygen for survival. The absence of these micro-organisms is the biggest reason why cheese does not turn rancid even when packed for a long period of time.