Oxygen absorbers are manufactured using combination of compounds that work effectively well towards keeping the beef packaging devoid of oxygen and moisture.

Since beef is very sensitive towards oxygen and penetration of oxygen through the packaging material causes oxidative degradation in most cases. Oxidative reactions affect the flavor, color and taste of the food further making it unsuitable for the consumption. Beef is also susceptible towards the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew in the presence of oxygen and moisture content inside the package.

For the convenience of consumption, beef jerky is sliced into thin strips. This is a lean meat as 100% fat has been removed prior to slicing it into pieces. These thin slices are then packaged well before sending it out for the sale.

Since it is going to be stored for a certain period of time, hence, proper care needs to be taken to ensure that they remain as fresh as day one when they were packaged. As beef jerky is highly vulnerable to the growth of microorganisms that causes many chemical and physical changes inside the package leading to the spoilage of food.

It becomes important to use beef jerky oxygen absorber as it is capable of absorbing oxygen to a huge extent and bringing the level down to 0.01% or less, thus help in maintaining the oxygen-free environment.

The appropriate capacity of oxygen absorbers that should be used for the beef jerky packaging is 20cc and 50cc. This is the most preferable capacity for obtaining optimum level of oxygen adsorption.

The commonly used iron free oxygen absorber for the preservation of beef jerky are packed in plastic pouches which contains iron salts, sodium chloride(common salt) and activated charcoal. As the air moves in and out of the beef jerky bags, all the available oxygen which could otherwise have rotten the food is used up for an oxidation of iron into iron oxide and activated charcoal helps in adsorbing the bad odor that may develop over a period of time inside the package. Moisture absorbing packets for food enhance the shelf life of food product in various ways and protect them against the dangers of deterioration by eliminating the contributing factors.

Oxygen absorbers packed in plastic pouches are most preferable as they prevent the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew which can make jerky beef unfit for the consumption. In absence of oxygen chances of survival of aerobic bacteria becomes negligible, hence, prevents the rotting of beef jerky and therefore all this consequently leads to longer shelf life of beef jerky.