Oxygen absorbers are made from the compound of chemical, the beef jerky packets require the oxygen-free atmosphere, 20cc and 50cc is the preferred size of oxygen absorber packets for this active packaging.

Oxidative degradation is a problem affecting beef jerky also. Beef jerky is lean meat in which all the fat has been removed and it is then cut into thin strips and then packed for sale. While packing beef jerky strips, it is important to place an oxygen absorber sachet near it as the latter will remove all traces of oxygen from the packet and thus preserve the beef jerky for longer.

If oxygen enters the beef jerky packet, then it will facilitate the growth of multiple bacteria and spoilage organisms like mold, fungi, which will ruin the beef jerky to such an extent that it can only be thrown away. Whenever there is oxygen in the beef jerky packet, it will fasten the rotting process and the food product will become stale in a period of a few days.

When oxygen absorbers in plastic pouch bags are kept with the beef jerky, the latter will remain unspoiled for an extended period of time because no oxygen is readily available for the micro-organisms to grow and thrive.

The most commonly used oxygen absorbers for preserving beef jerky are plastic pouches containing iron salts, sodium chloride/common salt and activated charcoal. As the air moves in and out of the beef jerky bags, all the oxygen is absorbed by the iron oxide, sodium chloride, and charcoal in order to increase the shelf life of the beef jerky.