Bakery Food Packaging

Maintain bake products quality and freshness, Sorbead provides oxygen free Oxygen Absorbers for the solutions of the oxidation reaction.

Our innovative packets for active packaging increase the shelf life of bakery foods and protect its nutrition and vitamins. Oxygen absorbers are very important for the baking sector as it is highly essential that bakery products remain fresh all the time.

It is very easy for bakery items like cakes, pastries, etc. to get spoilt if they are exposed to air/oxygen for long durations. Oxygen exposure will completely ruin the taste, feel and aroma of the baked product and people would usually prefer not to eat these products.

Another problem arising from overexposure to oxygen is that it allows for the growth of micro-organisms and spoilage bacteria, fungi, which turn the product rancid. The Unique Selling Point or USP of bakery items is their freshness and if that is itself not there, then sales will definitely be on the decline.

The different kinds of bakery items affected by oxidative degradation include bread, flatbread, pita bread, tortillas, Lebanese bread, and cookies, in addition to the regular cakes and pastries. The solution to the oxygen degradation is placing oxygen absorber sachets alongside the bakery items to keep oxygen away.

Oxygen degradation also happens while transporting bakery goods from one destination to another. As the bakery products are placed in a closed space for a long time, they will react with the oxygen in the headspace and as a result get spoilt. This difficulty can be avoided with the help of oxygen absorber sachets.