Bakery Food Packaging

Bakery food items like breads, cookies, pastries and cakes are more prone to get degraded in the presence of oxygen.

The oxidative degradation can cause the undesirable changes in taste and odor making the food unsuitable to consume. Dehydrating these food items of even the smallest presence of the oxygen helps in increasing their shelf life.

As the moisture level in bakery foods is well below 10% hence oxygen absorbers can be used to remove or decrease the level of available oxygen in the package. They function successfully in keeping the food safe and preventing the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew as it is obvious to happen in the presence of oxygen.

Failures in the packaging process or the application of inefficient vacuum at the time of packaging cause the oxygen to get trapped along with other components of air inside the packages.

Vacuum packaging is used widely to eliminate oxygen from the package prior to sealing but it is does not remove the oxygen that permeates through the packaging material from the nearby surroundings over a period of time. Therefore, incorporation of oxygen absorber sachets into the packaging of the product becomes of huge importance to maintain the freshness of the food item for longer durations.

Bakery products can easily get spoiled in the oxygen’s presence as it leads to the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew which leads to the spoilage of the food items. Also, if bakery foods are not packaged with oxygen absorbers then there are very less chances that food will survive for long term. Exposure of breads, cookies, cakes and pastries to oxygen not only ruins their taste and odor but actually spoils them chemically by affecting very contents of the food item.

Oxygen degradation not only takes place when the food is stored in a certain place for a long time but also while in transportation as it remains packed for longer durations hence, oxygen trapped inside the packets while packaging gets enough time to interact with the contents of the packets and spoil them completely by making them unfit for the consumption.

Sorbead India manufactures customized packets of oxygen absorber for bakery food packaging which not only protects it from oxygen but also protects the contents from rotting. Sorbead India’s oxygen absorbers absorb oxygen in an irreversible fashion inside the sealed packaging and maintain the level of oxygen at less than 0.01%.