Baby food packaging

The correct packaging is very important for all kinds of baby food products like milk powder, Ceralac and others.

If they are not stored or packed properly, then they will be subject to oxidative degradation as a result of exposure to the oxygen present in the surroundings. Regarding baby food products, the main criteria is that it should always remain fresh and unspoiled. However, many a times, baby food products can become stale and completely unusable due to high levels of oxidative degradation.

Whether they are being shifted from one place to another or kept in airtight containers, it is very important that baby food is not exposed to oxygen. Oxygen absorbers are very useful in controlling the oxygen levels.

They remove almost all the oxygen present and leave behind a nitrogen-filled atmosphere, which is helpful in increasing the shelf life of the baby food. If the baby food is transferred from the packets to containers, the negative effects of oxygen degradation still exist.

The presence of oxygen facilitates the growth of micro-organisms like molds, fungi and thus spoils the product. When the baby food is in containers, put the oxygen absorber sachets in small pouches and keep it inside the container. This will prevent against oxidative degradation and prolong the shelf life of the product.