Baby food packaging

Baby food products like Cerelac, milk powder, horlicks etc. contain several ingredients like wheat flour, skimmed milk solids, sucrose, caramel, coconut oil, maltodextrin, minerals and vitamins.

As the baby food contains all types of ingredients to add the nutritional value to the product. It should also be noted that baby food is prone to all types of harmful changes that may occur in the presence of oxygen which manages to penetrate into the product as a result of improper packaging.

Many mothers are fully relying on the marketed baby food products for addressing the nutritional needs of their babies at every growth stage but if these baby products are not packaged well then it may lead to reduction in the shelf life of the product drastically and improper packaging paves a way for a number of factors contributing towards spoiling of the product.

Most common factors are oxygen penetration, moisture ingression, growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew and these factors either in combination or alone makes the food unfit for the consumption.

Ingredients like milk powder and powdered grains are prone to get degraded by oxidative degradation and growth of fungi in the presence of moisture. This may further lead to food poisoning which can turn out to be fatal for the health of children.

No matter how good the brand is, but it is incomplete without taking precautionary measures like using oxygen absorber for baby food packaging. Oxygen absorber in food helps in ruling out the adverse effects of oxygen penetration and moisture ingression.

Babies do not have well developed immune system and even a small error can result into big repercussions leading to serious health issues in children. Hence, extra care needs to be taken while packaging the food so that they are protected throughout the phase of storage and helps in maintaining the integrity of the food. Use of oxygen absorbers is one such method which helps in keeping the food fresh and enhances the shelf life of the stored food.

Oxygen absorbers have an important role in the removal of oxygen that is somehow trapped inside the package and causes oxidation reactions to occur in food making them unhealthy to eat. Sorbead India’s oxygen absorbers for food storage are available in various capacities contained in small oxygen absorber sachets that help in preserving the color, texture and aroma of different food products.

Oxygen absorbers are added to the enclosed packaging to help remove or decrease the level of oxygen inside the package. They are used to help maintain the product safety and extend shelf life. Sorbead India manufactures customized oxygen absorbers to cover a wide array of applications.