July 29, 2014

The key use of oxygen absorber is to protect the shelf life of the food. In case of packaged food, it stays in the retailer shop or malls for many days which may impact the quality of the food. But oxygen absorbers protect the taste and quality of the food along with the color. It also prevents the growth of oxygen-aerobic microorganisms like fungi etc. Plastic foods are not able to keep oxygen away from the food unlike metal or glass container. Oxygen on the other hand helps microorganisms to grow which causes damage to the product. But these oxygen absorbers absorb the oxygen from the packet.

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May 28, 2014

Oxygen is the fundamental requirement of every living being. But it is also the main reason for spoiling of food and rusting of metals. This can mainly pose a threat in packaged food. And you cannot use any chemical to remove the oxygen because those chemicals will also react with the food products, making them toxic and unfit to consume. The best solution to avoid food spoilage from oxygen is by using absorbers. Oxygen absorbers are also known as oxygen scavengers. Scavengers are substances that remove unwanted products when added in to a particular package. FDA standard approved food grade and pharma grade Oxygen Absorbers to help protect the packed food items.  Continue reading

O-Busters for Food & Pharma Products
May 28, 2014

We cannot imagine our life without oxygen. But what if sometimes it does more harm than good? Oxygen is the main reason for metals to rust and spoiling of food. This is especially a great problem in packaged goods. In such situations, you cannot help but wish that you could prevent oxygen from entering some places. The best solution to avoid food spoilage from oxygen is by using oxygen absorbers. Continue reading