Oxygen Absorbers for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Oxygen Absorbers for Pharmaceutical Packaging
The process of oxidative degradation is a major issue for many healthcare products, such as diagnostics kits, pharmaceuticals and other therapies.
Our Desiccare’s oxygen absorbers are protecting pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, diagnostic kits, API’s proteins & vitamins products from oxidative reactions and oxygen dehydration, thus extending the shelf and long life of phama packaging.
With our specialized oxygen absorbers offers a full solution for combating oxidation and other undesirable side effects during pharmaceutical packaging.
Oxygen absorbers are designed as per the greater security by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding maintenance the end of shelf life. The presence of oxygen cause oxidative degradation which may be a source of adverse effects on pharmacological. Our oxygen absorbers are designed as per the pharmaceuticals packaging standards which can degrade oxygen, odor, radicals, peroxides color and test changes from tablets, capsules, and diagnostics and naturaceuticals products.
While storing and packing pharmaceutical products, one has to ensure that there is no oxygen present in the surroundings. The presence of oxygen is very harmful for all kinds of pharmaceutical products like medicines, tablets, drugs among others. When there is oxygen in the atmosphere, it may react with the pharma products to change their physical as well as chemical compositions. Pharmaceutical products are also subject to oxidative degradation, which does not work well for them. It is in order to solve these problems that pharmaceutical companies make use of oxygen absorbers to remove all traces of oxygen from the packages storing or transporting pharmaceutical goods.
Oxygen absorbers are small sachets containing iron oxide, which are placed alongside the pharmaceutical products while they are being packed. While it successfully controls the oxygen levels, there are other benefits also of using oxygen absorbers. They keep the headspace humidity at optimum levels and ensure a moisture free environment for the drugs. The advantage of lesser humidity levels is that the chemical degradation of pharma products will take place at a slower rate. Another major use of oxygen absorber sachets is that it can easily be suited to any type of high-speed dispensing equipment.

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