Oxygen Absorber And O-Busters

Among the many varieties of food and pharmaceutical packaging, Sorbead India offer bulk oxygen absorber packets and strips in roll for oxygen and moisture control issues. We collaborate with Desiccare Inc. product O-BustersĀ in several packet sizes for a number of carton packaging. The staff of Sorbead, develop the custom bulk oxygen absorbers by blending of zeolite and chelated carbon, which are packed in a tyvek paper, polyester and polyethylene packaging materials. From this tyvek paper material is USFDA approved, it means these packets are non-toxic, unhygienic packets; therefore, it can be packed with food packets and pharmaceutical capsules packets.
Our oxygen absorbers prevent oxygen, moisture, spoilage and corrosion inhibitors, to extend the shelf life of packaging without any damaging effects of the test and color change for a long period.
We are offering o-buster packets as per the customer’s requirement charts, in bulk quantity to get great absorption result. We also provide free samples on a testing basis with the fastest delivery material within 48 hours.

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